_DSC0047  hmmm..Maybe that Zone diet is working!

HQ Rest day.  Come see what's on the board.

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  1. What’s on the board is TabataKickedMyAss today. Lack of food/sleep/exercise can all contribute to a DNF!

  2. DD we all have our days at least you showed up!

  3. Jpo… was that a crack at me… Just kidding, thanks so much for meeting me to count my reps today… I am on way to meet you now… thanks for staying on me to reach my goals..

  4. Loved the Tabata. Thanks G-dog for running hte loop afterwards.
    Great job Breeze. Your are doing really well. It is amazing you had surgery 3 months ago.
    Taking tomorrow off. Shoulders are a little wrecked.
    Jpo..look at http://www.marksdailyapple.com…I am going to make the chicken soup, the butter nut squash mash and the meat loaf.

  5. Thanks Jpo.. I sucked at the pull-ups but it was worth it.. My hands did not rip, I am so glad…My number of reps were 369.. and the red band,of course.. but the workout in general was fun and short…good!! Jpo was an angel and met me at the gym at 1:30 this afternoon to make sure I worked out…a thousand thank you’s… pebbles; RX today, great job.. and the butternut squash sounds yummy…Is that good for you??? I want some..

  6. Looking good Wife!

  7. On my second glass of Hard Core. Thinking about eating some cheese.

  8. I second that breeze…great shoulders..