Hicky Kicked A$$ Last Night! Pics coming soon!


Hicky kicked butt last night!  Her opponent waived the white flag a minute and a half into the third round.  Hicky was on fire and totally agressive.  She made the other girl bleed!  Thanks to all who came out to support her.  Great job, Hicky & Hagler!  CrossFit North Fulton is proud to have you.

HQ Rest Day.  Come see what Austin has in store for you at 9:00am.

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  1. Austin McLean says

    That’s awesome Hick. Congrats! When are you leaving again? I know its really soon just didn’t know the exact date.

  2. Really proud of you Hicky! Sorry I missed it – 3 sick little chicks at home. Can’t wait to see pics.. Way to go!

  3. schaweeeeet!!!! Woooo hooooo Hicky!! Great job!
    Travel safe,

  4. Awesome job Hicky!!!!
    Can we get a white flag for CFNF??? 🙂

  5. Kathy Hagler says

    I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW PROUD I AM OF HICKY…She dominated the fight..thanks for all the support; we worked really hard for this win…If you guys missed this fight; don’t worry…we will be doing that again!!!It was a smackdown, beatdown,aggressive and bloody event..Don’t forget to say your goodbyes to Hicky as she leaves tuesday for a while.. Maybe someone else can get the best times at crossfit while she is gone…See eveyone at the gym next week…