Hickey deadlifts 185!


Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Alt WOD:  "Mini Murph"

1 mile run
10 rounds of Cindy
1 mile run

Today is day 1 of the 100 day burpee challenge!

Check out the CFNF article in this weeks Alpharetta & Roswell Revue at

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  1. TODAY IS WEIGH IN!!! Good Luck my fellow BF challengers!

  2. Hicky, you are a beast!!! Looking at you, someone would not realize what you are capable of; but you are truly amazing!! You make me proud everyday, just watching you work… By the way, anyone get a look at those legs!!!! Hagler

  3. How fitting to have a picture of Hicky posted today. This morning she did a full Murph in around 37 minutes. Truly outstanding!

  4. Oh shoot – I forgot to weigh in this morning… Are u guys meeting at a particular time later today or should i just do it tomorrow morning?!

  5. Thank you for the encouragement everyone this morning. Cindy style is definately the way to tackle Murph. I’m so glad to finally get it done under 40! Yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’ll be weighing in tomorrow, because I’m at work for a good 12-13 hrs today.
    Hicky, you are a badass. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Great job Hicky. It was nice to see everyone at 6am. Nice deads DD. Good form, all legs and no back.
    205 on the DLs. Not a PR for me.
    See you guys later in the week. Heading to SC after filming today.

  8. Hickey is a Fembot! Awesome murph time! 126.8 and 16.9 percent for my weigh in today. Pebbles, 205 for three looks damn good to me!

  9. just a shout out to austin for his encouragement for the lone wolf at the 7am class today, he went above and beyond by creating a way for this short girl to be able to reach the newly raised pull up bar and get her foot in the band without killing herself, thanks, dude.

  10. i love the term “lone wolf.” well done, xena.
    burpee challenge starts today, yes?
    can’t wait for mini murph!!

  11. Did Nasty Girls today on tape
    9:13 Rx
    was happy with that

  12. last rd was 245 lbs 3x, which was my previous pr for 1x, i guess i’m happy with that
    by the way, i am really happy for my huskers traveling to a conference rival and winning on national t.v.
    i guaranteed my Huskers would win this weekend and they did not let me down

  13. Awesome job to JPO, Peggy and Katie doing “Mini-Murph”.
    Did 395 for deadlifts which is personal best for me. A big thanks to Kim and Austin for the encouragement.

  14. Awesome dinner tonite Xena, Nitro and BamBam! Thank you so much….miss you guys!
    Uh…Ed…your Huskers lost this weekend.

  15. hahaha yeah, what game did you watch ed?
    37 to 31. TT won in overtime.

  16. Ummm, no, my Huskers won this past weekend and on national t.v.
    Anyone want to place a small wager that I am lying/wrong?

  17. Ed…u talking bout Nebraska Cornhuskers?

  18. Nebraska (3-3) made big strides in Saturday’s 37-31 overtime loss at Texas Tech after losing 52-17 at home to Missouri.

  19. Thank you Michael. Ed…dont think ur lying, just wrong.

  20. Yes, I am talking about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cornhuskers.
    Care to place a wager?
    They played an out-of-town game this past weekend that was televised nationaly and they won that game.

  21. The question is, is Ed talking about football, or another sport?
    Did my first mini-Murph – 39:54. So I was slower than Hicky doing the full Murph, but since I suck at running and she’s Bionic, I am a little proud of myself.
    Breeze – very bummed I didn’t get to see you today, but I’m very glad you’re feeling better!

  22. Please tell me your not talking about volley ball or some other sport that can’t be put in the same category as college football.
    Everyone’s football team loses eventually, its ok you to admit it.

  23. *its ok to for you to admit it.
    forgot a word.