Happy Birthday Tyler!


Strength Bias starts today!!

Back Squat 3 X 3 

5 Rounds

10 Box Jumps/5 Bodyweight Power Cleans

L sit 1:30


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  1. Happy Birthday Tyler!
    Looking forward to starting strength bias!

  2. Happy Birthday Tyler.
    See you guys at 12:30.

  3. Happy birthday comrade!

  4. Happy Birthday Tyler! from Xena, although it’s Mrs. Snyder to you since you went to school with my boys:)

  5. happy birthday tyler

  6. That was fun. Had a terrible time with cleans today. Thanks Kevin, Scruff and Ed for working me in your group and for the support.
    Good job to Stringer and Ed gong RX on this one.
    Looking forward to tomorrow.

  7. Great lunch time workout…the new schedule is going to be fun. If you are participating…what’s everyone giving up for lent?

  8. I already gave up Jack and Coke for New Years…baby steps people!

  9. I am giving up Crossfit

  10. happy birthday tyler!
    thanks to kim, brad, muffin, and whoever else heard my whispers for ‘help’ this evening. could not have re-racked that bar without you.
    strength bias is an excellent idea. i saw great gains this summer when a few of the girls tried it out. very motivating too. good work, management 🙂

  11. i think you need to give IN and get some Pumps