_DSC0054Happy Birthday Spider!

_DSC0056Happy Birthday Otis!

Row 500m
25 OHS (or Push Press) (135,95)
block run
50 KB swings (55,35)
25 burpees

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  1. He’s a little ruuuuuun-away. Otis, not Spider. Happy Birthday Spider.

  2. Happy birthday guys!

  3. Happy Birthday Spider & Otis!

  4. I can’t decide who is more handsome??? Happy birthday to some of my favorite men in the gym..

  5. Happy birthday to you both!

  6. Boots w/the fur says

    Otis Happy Birthday!!!! Plans still on for tonight? Have a great day!!! meow meow meow!

  7. happy birthday guys

  8. Happy Birthday Spider and Happy Birthay Otis!!

  9. Hey! Happy Birthday Spidey and Otis!
    Peaches and Hicky…way to work thru the OHS.
    Nice pull ups DD. 16 rounds rocks and equals 136 pull ups!!!!!
    I did the alt WOD with 95# OHS. 13 something RX.Dragging today.
    See you later!

  10. Happy birthday spider and Otis!!

  11. happy birthday spider and otis! hope you guys have a great day.

  12. Happy B-day Spider and Otis! Hope to see you all today at 11:30. B’fast was 3 Ibuprofen and looks like lunch will be the same. My arms hate me 🙂

  13. Hagler…you in today???

  14. Happy birthday spider and Otis! I think I am going to stop by at 5 to get out of the house

  15. It sucks that Otis and Spider have to share their birthday glory.
    I feel bad for Otis.

  16. workout was fun today…I did the pull-up wod with spider and sammy…my goal was 13rx but got 12 rx plus 10…damn it…so decided to do the alt wod after the pull-ups…felt great..my time 12:06rx I think…Thanks to Martine for timing me and for the BOYS for cheering me on at the end…see everyone tomorrow…:)…P.S. I feel bad for Otis too…

  17. I’m HAPPY to share my birthday with Otis…he’s definitely the better looking of us. Found out he’s 6 and I’m 5 (dog years) – so at least I’ve got him there! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
    Great job lunch crowd – my hands are hamburger meat.

  18. I think Otis weighs more too.

  19. Max and Furman says

    Ruff ruff ruff we love otis!! Can’t wait to go out with him and boots tonight to celebrate!!!! Spider you can come too if you like digging in peoples trash cans..and running away from humans.
    ruff ruff ruff happy birthday otis!!!
    ruff ruff ruff Happy birthday spider!!!

  20. Hey Pals!
    First, I miss you all more then I miss Chick Fil A chicken biscuits…which is sayin something.
    Second, I thought you would get a good chuckle…. I’ve been in charge of conditioning after a few of our practices. Today was so hot we lost a few kids to full body muscle cramps so I couldn’t run them. Instead they did 50 Burpees and 50 air squats. When they were done I think a few of them said they’d rather run. It’s gotta be a lot tougher in helmets and cleats.
    Anyways, some of the guys are starting to catch on to some of the crazy CF workouts I’ve been doing. They know not to mess with Coach Shubert
    Hope all is well down South

  21. Blake that’s really cool. Hope you’re really enjoying the new Gig as coach Shubert.

  22. That’s awesome Blake! Beat them down! I have some ideas if you need any help.

  23. Great job to Michael on the alt-WOD, he smoked it! Also, congrats for your Running Cert., maybe you can help me so I can beat Hicky and Katie on the runs. Thanks to Hagler for timing me and I love all the blood Hicky left on the bar doing her pull-ups with me!

  24. you name the WOD…and weight..

  25. Hey! You night time people are NUTTY!
    i was in to help a new CrossFitter…Jay. he is picking up on CF pretty fast.
    WHILE I was there this evening I witnessed MEATBALL tell BEERAD and HICKY that the night time crew had it “IN THE BAG”!!! I’m just sayin! that’s what I heard!

  26. Everyone knows the night crew rules!

  27. Yep! It’s true…I stand behind what I said!

  28. I agree the night crew is a bunch of “bags”……….. d-bags!
    Lunch is the Bunch…..

  29. our class is like happy hour, minus drinking. but that’s an easy fix 🙂

  30. Yeah, front squats! Bring it on!

  31. The night crew rocks! Speaking of, how many rounds did you get Big E? I left at 20.

  32. 22, my hands got ripped up big-time

  33. even though you are tough…the lunch crew is where it is at….

  34. Hicky WINS in the ripped hands department…I almost threw up when she took the scissors towards her bloody palms…yikes!!!! So I am proud to say that Hicky got 13rx today..great job..knew you would…:)

  35. The challenge is on for next week. A.M. vs Lunch vs P.M. You people who come at different times need to figure out where your loyalty lies. Meatball is all over the place. At one point tonight she was a “nooner” and then she was a P.M’er. I know where I stand! Bring it!

  36. I love how all these former lunch folks jump on the evening wagon…
    D bags, T bags, et. al. – bring it on…

  37. Breeze sees

  38. Why would you throw up? Her bloody hands were awesome!

  39. Even though my schedule changes, I am def a pm’er!

  40. Funny…our class is like happy hour…WITH the drinking.

  41. I’m down with that Breeze….its all fun and games about what time you come until the “fit hits the shan”
    Regulators…….mount up!
    Sammy “Shanghai” Nooner

  42. Nooner? I barely know her. 213 is where they’ll lay

  43. Even more interesting is how the former evening folks have jumped on the noon train – Sammy & Spider!

  44. Remember Beeerad…I was politely kicked out of the noon group! Your loss!

  45. Lunch Crew rocks. You can’t compare it. Brad, Pistol, Spider, Sammy, Hagler..just to name a few…the rest should be scared.

  46. Huh? Only occasionally when work prevented lunch. If anything we are former morning peeps!