Happy Birthday Sniper!

_DSC0060Pretty good lift for a gal who's a year older today!  285 lbs!  Happy Birthday!

HQ Rest Day.  Alt WOD

10 db squat cleans
block run
10 Gi Janes
10 abmat wall balls

Three rounds for time.
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  1. Happy Birthday Sniper!

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah! Nice lift yesterday!

  3. Happy Bday Sarah!

  4. Yea!!! That picture rocks! Happy B-day Sarah. Congrats to all who PRd yesterday. The dead lifts were amazing last night. Way to go CFNF.

  5. Happy Bday Sniper!

  6. Happy Birthday Sniper:) You rock!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Sarah!

  8. Happy B-day!!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Sarah!!

  10. Did DLs today, 285 lbs. I’ll def take it after the way I have been training lately.
    Happy Birthday Sarah!

  11. happy birthday….the wod was fun today..just wish I could jump up and reach that bar after the burpees without the weights to help me get up….new girl Holly did great….keep your eye out for her

  12. Hags… you did great! I think you should be given some handicap to your time for the Trego’s putting that nasty bar so high! What are they thinking? Don’t they know that CFNF has some vertically challenged people!
    Fun wrkt and always great to be pushed by the likes of Spidey, Andy, G and Hags!

  13. thank you for the birthday wishes!