Happy Birthday Rieke!! Happy Birthday Spider!!!!

Jack works on his jerk!  Looking good! 

50 Double Unders – 50 Ft. Overhead Lunge (45,25) – 1 Rope Climb

40 Double Unders – 50 Ft. Overhead Lunge – 2 Rope Climb

30 Double Unders – 50 Ft. Overhead Lunge – 3 Rope Climb

20 Double Unders – 50 Ft. Overhead Lunge – 4 Rope Climb

10 Double Unders – 50 Ft. Overhead Lunge – 5 Rope Climb

Post time to comments.

DSC_0007   Happy Birthday to Reike and Spider (Matt Salley)!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday ya’ll! Great job this morning, Michelle Campbell!!! She rocked Christine this morning in 17 minutes in her first week! Look out Mike!

  2. Happy Birthday Rieke and Spider!!

  3. Jenny Schroeder says

    Awesome job Michelle!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Rieke and Spider! Have a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday Reike and Spider! I’ll be in at lunch and was quite looking forward to having a crack at this one, until I remembered I still have to do my Heat WOD for next week. Anyone want to assist me and time at 12pm? If not no worries.

  6. Happy Birthday Reike and Spider!

  7. Who’s Mike?

  8. Great job Michelle! Happy Birthday’s!
    That WOD was brutal. Couldn’t catch my breath between the three movements. Did pull ups.

  9. Thanks Pistol! Campbell, “Mike” is Michelle’s husband. He’s a little dense sometimes 😉 CFNF here I come (yikes)!!!

  10. Not feeling it today…Rope climbs on a Friday did it for me…Good job to Ben for putting up some good numbers on the SOF qualifier. See you all tomorrow!

  11. Thanks Stringer, I appreciated the support and thanks to Breeze for scoring/timing for me. Good on the first four bodyweight discipline’s and then awful on the dead lifts, ah well, hopefully I am in a heat with equally awful dead lifters. LOL!
    Then did the workout 21.37 RX. It was tough after the Heat WOD, surprisingly so on the legs. Glad I got it done though. Good job to Hicky and Pistol for also closing things out RX…that’s a lot of rope climbs!

  12. Happy Birthday to my girl, Rieke! Sorry I couldn’t be there this morning to do birthday rope climbs with you:) Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Rabbit Head:)

  13. Great job to Breeze and Bostic today for killing my “Diane” time!

  14. Ed does this mean J.T. is not on the board anymore?

  15. Jenny Schroeder says

    So glad you joined. You have to come to 6:30 class, thats where its at!!!

  16. yep

  17. ok silly jenny!

  18. Dumbest quote of the year goes too………JT! “You almost don’t want to get too good at this stretch because then you wouldn’t feel it anymore.” Seriously…..dumbass!

  19. the year is young, we’ve got plenty of time for you, Ed, GDog, Bostic, or any one else to top my quote. i think the dumbest quote of the year goes to GDog: “i really need to get in shape” (he’s been Crossfitting for 3 years now)
    also, i can’t remember, but did Bostic do the WOD Rx today? i bet it would have been easier for him to climb the rope with skinny jeans on to prevent chafing, although from what Breeze told me, its not a “big” problem

  20. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Love all you guys!

  21. Seriously.

  22. Bostic absolutely RXd after Rxing DIane and working some heavy Power Cleans. He is a machine. He will do well this next week-end! Way to represent CFNF.