Happy Birthday Pistol and Tom!


For time: 
50 Pull-ups
400 meter run
95 pound Thruster, 21 reps
800 meter run
95 pound Thruster, 21 reps
400 meter run
50 Pull-ups

_DSC0120Happy Birthday on the 14th, Tom!  

_DSC0061 Happy 10th anniversary of your 29th birthday, Pistol!

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  1. Happy Birthday Tom and Pistol!!

  2. Happy Birthdays Pistol and Tom!

  3. happy birthday to Tom and Kim. You guys rock

  4. We had a pretty small croud for the 6am class, but let me just say everyone did AWESOME! This is a tough workout! I have to call out Xena and her amazing RX thrusters this morning…She’s a machine!
    Way to go Xena!!

  5. happy birthday pistol and tom!!

  6. Doing this workout with dumbbells should be tons of fun.
    Happy Birthday Kim and Tom!

  7. Happy birthday kim and tom!

  8. Happy Birthday Pistol and Tom!

  9. Happy Birthday guys. I’m a little scared of the workout today. I’ll go see my Gyno Breeze and maybe build up some courage.

  10. Birthday wishes to you guys…

  11. Happy Bday Pistol and Tom

  12. Happy B-day Baby!….and you too Pistol.

  13. hahahaha!
    I hate to miss this one. 🙁

    “everybody is Kung Fu Fighting”
    Happy Birthday to Tom too!

  15. Happy Birthday Pistol & Tom!!

  16. Peggalicious says

    Happy Birthday!
    Who was the sadist that thought up this workout?

  17. It’s a hero WOD. It’s created in the name of Army 1st Class Sgt. Daniel killed in Iraq in 2006. All the male names are “HERO” WODs. The lady names are not however.

  18. Peggalicious says

    Sorry, I knew that – I guess my real question was WHY would anyone create this workout? It looks almost as fun as Murph.
    Which brings up the next question – I knew about the Hero WODs, but how do they determine which ladies names are used?

    Hey everyone, check out the post from 9/11 at CF Tyson’s Corner. There is a pretty wild success story about a guy who played high school football for my head coach back in the day.

  20. DD says:
    Peggy – the determination of the ladies’ names is done solely, discretionarily and exclusively by men (of course).

  21. Peggalicious says

    Should of known! 🙂

  22. Happy Birthday Pistol and Tom!!!
    And thanks for the props Meatball. It was a grueling workout fo sho!! Thanks for your encouragement:)

  23. In the words of Coach Glassman…”the female name WODs were inspired by hurricanes or girls that just leave you breathless and lying flat on your back!” 🙂

  24. That was a good bday workout! Now I can splurge tonight! Pull ups were harder than usual today but didn’t rip! 24:23Rx Thanks for the bday wishes!

  25. Happy Birthday guys!

  26. Happy Birthday…now go eat some cake!

  27. oh yeah….and cheers (5:02..there anyway)

  28. That was brutal

  29. Happy B-Day Kim