Happy Birthday Pebbles!


CrossFit Chicks R Hot!

Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

This Saturday we will be hosting a Barbell Seminar from 10am to 12pm.  The cost is $10.  Please click on the schedule link on the right and make your online reservation.  Payment will be collected on Saturday.

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  2. Happy B-day Pebbles!

  3. Happy Birthday Pebbles!

  4. Happy happy birthday, Pebbles!! I hope it’s wonderful!

  5. Happy Birthday Pebbles!

  6. Brad, thanks for your help this morning with my deadlifts…. and well done to Xena who got a 40lb PR on her back squat!! Impressive!!!

  7. Have a great Bday Pebbles!

  8. Happy Birthday Pebbles!!!
    Hey Brad, what time tomorrow are you doing the bench press/dead lift work out??

  9. Happy Birthday Pebbles, you sexy hot mama!
    And thanks for the shout out Hicky.
    Let me clarify, it was 40 pounds from the very first time I did a back squat.
    But it was still an 11 pound PR from the last time we did them.
    So I will still give myself a pat on the back:)
    Thanks, Brad, for all the help and encouragement.

  10. Happy Bday Pebbles!
    So you’re like what…. 29?

  11. Happy birthday Pebbles..Great job Xena..you are killing it..

  12. i “like” this.

  13. Damn, G-Dog is one helluva lucky guy!
    Happy B-day Pebbles!

  14. Happy Birthday, Pebbles!!!

  15. I know you have a busy schedule but does 130 work for u?

  16. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You all for the birthday wishes. You are an awesome group of friends and you are like my family. I am lucky to have such a great group to celebrate special days with.
    I would also like to announce that this will be my last birthday. Just know that when June 10, 2010 rolls around…you will be off the hook as far as presents and wishes. THE BIRTHDAYS STOP HERE!

  17. yeah sounds good. I should be done with my morning meetings which are usually full of doing a lot of nothing.

  18. Hey everyone, I talked to my gym (tumbling) about having a bunch of Crossfitters coming over and using the facility. They said it would be fine, would just have to sign a release form. M-W mornings would be best. We have a pit, tramps, plenty of mats and a great pit-bar. I can set up handstand stations, back handspring and back tuck stations. We really don’t have rings since it is mainly a girls gym. Let me know if anyone is interested and if there are any special skill/needs you have in mind.

  19. I’d be open for Wed morning any time Ed.

  20. Austin McLean says

    Happy Birthday Pebbles!!!
    Wish I could be there to celebrate if/when yall ever do.
    Hey kim, the duty station I am going to be at after I get done with all my training is Ft. Sill Oklahoma…Gonna try and get that changed cause I want to be in GA. Is that near where you were from?

  21. Did the “hicky” workout today..was fun but I got beat by a pregnant woman…Martine..you are one FIT momma, CROSSFIT that is..way to go..I also enjoyed working out with Sammy and Scruffy..I came in DEAD last actually but did RX…looking forward to tomorrow..hang power cleans are not my strength, should be interesting…