Happy Birthday Miguel


Happy Birthday, Miguel!


50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

Post time to comments.

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  1. Happy Birthday Miguel!!!!

  2. DD says:
    Happy Birthday Miguel! I remember (long ago) turning 30 myself……..
    Also – way to make that 70lb kettlebell your b_tch!

  3. Happy Birthday, Miguel!
    So what are you looking at in this picture?

  4. First time I’ve been able to do this WOD with unbroken DUs all the way through!

  5. Happy Birthday Miguel!

  6. Happy Birthday Miguel!!

  7. Good job Sean. What was your time?

  8. Happy Birthday Miguel!!!!
    Cool picture.

  9. Happy Birthday Commie Bastard!

  10. Nice pic bro!

  11. 8:01…i feel like it should have been faster…my situps felt slow.

  12. Happy Birthday Miguel…at least you don’t have to share yours with a dog.

  13. Hahaha!

  14. Happy b-day Miguel…..
    In response to whomever asked “what are you lookin at”, I’d say your lookin at what you don’t want to drop this big ass weight on…
    Have fun on a b-day monday!

  15. Hey everyone! On Saturday 7th November there’s a “Twilight” 10k being held at Callaway Gardens. Basically it’s a 10k run through a massive Christmas lights display. I thought it would be really fun if a whole bunch of us wanted to do it. It only costs $25 to register at active.com
    I know that 10k might seem like a long run for some people but the race is 8 weeks away. I think it would be a really good goal to work towards. You can always walk parts of the course, just set yourself a personal goal and cross the finish line! Then we can all celebrate afterwards!
    Any takers?

  16. Where’s Adam and Peggy and Heather and Fred….Mark and Sniper and Hoss and Nitro….But do you recall…the most famous CFNFer of all…..Stanley the big bad dui cop, had a very shiny gun. And if he ever stops you, you better not turn and run. Like all the above CFNF’ers, Stanley hasn’t been to the gym. And if I see him on the streeeet he’s gonna get hit by Kim.

  17. Ok, I knew you were the master of the mix tape, but songwriting abilities as well??? Dayum, girl! If that doesn’t make Stanley get his butt in, I swear I don’t know what will!!!

  18. I’m in!!

  19. Too funny! Was out of town, then helping the grandparents pack up and move to a new pad. Be there tomorrow to get my butt kicked!