Happy Birthday Kathy!


Happy Birthday Hagler!

Four rounds for time of:
Walking lunge 50 meters
Sit-ups, 50 reps

Post time to comments.

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm, I’m keeping this picture!
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Looking good hagler!!! Happy birthday!

  3. yay happy bday hagler! much love

  4. Happy birthday hagler!

  5. Happy 29th Kathy.

  6. Happy bday Hags!

  7. Sean CFNFT says

    What a painful workout to post the day after Tabata Something Else!
    My legs are fried from yesterday!

  8. Happy Birthday, Girl!
    (and Ed’s comment was disturbing . . . . )

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!
    I have to do this one at home today, so is 50 feet to the back of the gym and then to the front? I know how many lunges that takes me. That way I don’t have to go measure out 50 feet in the backyard.

  10. Sizzle…sizzle…you r hot hags!! Happy, happy birthday!!

  11. Great pic Hagler! I thoroughly enjoy our workouts at lunch, miss you when you are not there and I am always motived by your tenacity and drive. Thank you for being an inspiration. Happy Birthday!

  12. Hey Xena don’t worry, I have some pics of you as well saved in my Hot Crossfit Chics Folder on my laptop.

  13. Happy Birthday Hagler!!! Your beautiful.
    Felt good on this work out. Feeling better and better, 10:23RX.
    Continued DL therapy. 223 X 5. Felt easy. Adding 5 lbs per week “til I hit 300.Wahooo! Nice work 8:30am.
    See ya tomorrow.

  14. Happy Birthday Hagler!

  15. Hey, I just want to apologize for my BO. I didn’t realize how much my clothes were stinking today. I think I grabbed my clothes from the wrong pile, oops. Sorry about breaking gym rules of ALWAYS coming in with clean workout clothes.

  16. this just make me laugh. Way to be straight up Ed.

  17. Martine, it is from one end to the other and then back again, I counted 18 lunges one way, so 36 lunges in one round, does that make sense?

  18. Thanks Xena!
    Yeah, it takes me normally between 32 and 34 lunges per round.

  19. Happy Birthday Hagler!
    I got my ass handed to me today by, let’s see, Hicky, Meatball, Ed, Scruff, Campbell, Pebbles….too many to name. Nice job ladies and gents! On a good note tho, I did snatch 121.2 today!

  20. Good job. Training is paying off.

  21. Thanks everyone….happy to make it to 40….and my body feels like a 20 yr old….thanks to cfnf…love you guys…

  22. I just saw Sniper snatch 99lbs! Nice PR!

  23. Good job Sniper