Happy Birthday JT!




Post loads to comments.

NOTICE:  The gym will close at 10:00am Saturday morning for the Challenge at CrossFit Garage in Woodstock.  If you would like to carpool please post on the blog.

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  1. Happy Birthday J.T. !

  2. Hey! happy Birthday JT. Tavel safe. Can’t wait to meet your fiance!

  3. My foot feels really good this morning. Im going to try to OHS.
    Pebs. Way to Jpo on your OHS PR. Machine!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday JT
    (PSA – don’t do KTE’s on rings when you have a nagging cough)

  5. Happy Birthday JT

  6. Happy Birthday JT and good luck to everyone tomorrow at the challenge!
    CFLA has these cool leather hand grips — no direct link but click here and then go to page 2:
    and here are some bike gloves that may interest Craig:

  7. Peggalicious says

    Happy Birthday JT!

  8. Happy Birthday Real Athlete! From a Wannabe . . .

  9. I haven’t checked the links for fear of what a “Pow” and “Shocker” Glove looks like…..
    I have held the same attitude towards shockers as I do towards Crossfit when it comes to gloves…..gloves are for folks who don’t want their hands gnarly!

  10. Happy Birthday JT!
    Do you guys have any suggestions on a good shoe for lifting? I think that my Nike’s had a lot to do with my balance issues the last time I did OHS. I kept leaning forward. I have read a few blogs that say Chuck Taylors are good. Agree? Comments?

  11. Happy Birthday JT!

  12. Agreed!!!! If you don’t want to invest in a pair of Oly shoes like Do Wins, then go for the Chucks. I know Garrett and Brad really like theirs. Michael Hawe would agree too. Target has a less expensive version or go to Journey’s at the mall for the real deal.
    Yes, I would get out of those shock shoes.

  13. Finally….I got to work out. Got 135 for 3. It felt so easy so I went to 145 and could NOT jump it up. Still nursing the heel but I think it was more my” head”. Tried a few times then went to 240 but did not get it this time. I know I could sustain it overhead but just couldn’t jump it up.
    I did the endurance WOD form today to on the C2. I will be rowing a lot in the near future. It was cool. Got in about 2300m at the end of all the intervals.

  14. Should say 140 not 240!

  15. Target has Converse on sale through the 29th.
    I would recommend buying two pairs and using one pair for lifting and the other pair for general CrossFit workouts.
    In the meantime, put your Nikes in the closet.

  16. Thanks Pebbles & Michael! I picked up a pair a little while ago at Rack Room.

  17. Way to go No Name Dan. Your the fastest person I’ve seen to improve their OHS inside of 1 hour. Nice PR.

  18. Ha! maybe it’s the shoes…or maybe you have a great coach! Well done! I want to add that Jpo rocked it out this morning with a PR of 80lbs. And Lauralyn did the same as Dan, started out with questionable form on the OHS but finished the hour with great form! Sammy busted out 185 for a 1 rep max and Tom moved to the big bar instead of the body bar. I truly love seeing people achieving their accomplishments!

  19. I will have to say it was definitely the coach! Thanks for all of your help Pebbles!! The shoes just made me look good doing it!! Not that I didnt look good before the Chucks!! 🙂

  20. Good luck to everyone that is participating at The Garage tomorrow!!! Go kick some @ss!!! I have faith that I will see a bunch of CFNF names on the leader board!!! Peace Out!!

  21. Thanks everybody! i made it safely to Florida. Jenny’s excited to come to her first Crossfit workout next week. Any ideas on some WODs we can do here without weights or Medballs?

  22. How about “J.T.”?

  23. haha, how about no. next…

  24. “Nicole”?

  25. As always…my standard travel WODS…
    Prison cell burpees 20 burpess 20 lunges, 19 burpees, 19 lunges, 18 ect down to 1. great on the beach if available.
    Run 400
    50 squats
    4 rounds
    Annie if you have a jump rope
    50,40,30,20,10 DU sit ups
    also, 100 ft lunges
    18 push ups
    100 feet lunges
    15 push ups
    100 feet lunges
    12 push ups
    then 9 6 3…something like that.
    Burpee broad jumps 50 feet
    run 400
    4 rounds
    See you soon.