Happy Birthday Heather!

_DSC0013  Great to see Kamilah back!  and in FULL EFFECT!  Happy Birthday to Heather Demis today!  HQ Rest day.  Come see what's on the board. 

Burpee Challenge Day 8 – Yeah Burpees!

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  1. thanks for the encouragement yesterday kim! i’ll get the muscle up soon enough. you killed karen yesterday, setting the bar pretty high!
    kamilah, i’m so glad you came back! how are your arms looking today?

  2. anyone sore?
    very slow today. Brad said I was piddling…and I was.

  3. Any news on WOD…

  4. Kamilah, you legs and booty look great!!! Good to have you back…

  5. Kamilah you are looking bootylicious! Hope to see you today?
    Steph and Kim, I need you to yell at me more. Feel free to be mean about my weak squats and push-ups.
    Katie, you really smoked Karen yesterday while I stood around imagining I was on a boat with T-Pain.
    Bringin my flippie-floppies today.

  6. The 1st commandment of Crossfitnorthfulton: HQ rest day WOD’s shalt not be listed on the website or thou shalt incur the wrath of the almighty Breeze.
    Well, that seemst to be the case anyway.. LOL

  7. ok now… you know they aren’t weak! in fact… i consider you beast for doing the 100 push-ups… notice i didn’t even attempt that yesterday?! karen and the row were enough for me… my legs are really sore today! i’ll see ya tomorrow!

  8. hahahaha

  9. yes – the commandment goes, remember the rest day and keep it holy/secret.

  10. Oh yeah – my arms are looking sexier than ever. The red welts really accentuate my forearms and triceps 😉