Happy Birthday DJ!



Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

DSC_0039 Seriously, this really happened!

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  1. You gotta’ dress 70s Big to get 70s big!
    Happy Birthday Craig!

  2. WOW ED. I just threw up in my mouth.

  3. I’m sure Rippetoe would love this.
    Happy Bday DJ.
    Will certainly miss doing C and J today. One of my favs.

  4. Great Job 6a crew! Thankas Pistol for the coaching!!!

  5. Thanks Aunt Kim for letting me come to the gym today! Had soo much fun! I love your box! Nice to meet the 6a crew!

  6. Baxter & Jpo says

    Happy Birthday DJ and Justin and Stringer forgot some bday wishes this week:)

  7. Happy Birthday Craig.
    Ed? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Happy Birthday DJ
    I’m not sure what to say about Ed…I guess it explains a lot

  9. If I were DJ, I’d be kinda pissed…….
    For the outsider who is not familiar with the board, it could be assumed that the pics are a “before and after” !!
    Happy Bday DJ
    Ed, remember, all things from the 70’s were not necessarily good

  10. should be a fun WOD today…hope there are enough 45’s around…

  11. Allen, Amy, and Scoob….your Fight Gone Bad t-shirts are here.

  12. After WHAT?
    Happy Birthday DJ

  13. And an added bonus…… you will be able to keep count on this one!

  14. Peggalicious says

    Happy Bday DJ and Justin and Stringer and Trego – sorry for the late wishes!
    Ed – in what world would wearing this be OK?

  15. 210 C&J (up from 190 (clean only) on 9/25)
    happy birthday DJ
    Ed? Oh my……..

  16. Happy Birthday Craig! Hope you have a wonderful day. Great WOD, have not done it in a while. I may try and make this one up somethime soon.

  17. Brad pulled out the counter on me the other night…

  18. Happy Birthday DJ!
    So fun having Baxter with us at 6am:)
    Ed? Speechless.

  19. Campbell, congratulations on the PR. I have a theory that by staring at Ed’s denim shorts provided you with motivation for your PR.

  20. Happy Birthday Craiggy! Hope you have a great day!
    Clean and Jerk was fun today. I added 12lbs onto my PR ending at 143! Woot Woot! The Oly practice is paying off!

  21. P.S. Thanks Amy and Robert for sharing a bar with me today 🙂

  22. Sweet!

  23. Thanks everyone for the Bday wishes!

  24. Wow Pistol!! Thats awesome!! I cant believe you were able to jerk that much weight…Holy Crap!