Happy Birthday Christy Trego!


HQ WOD:  Run a 5k

The Filthy Fifty will be on the board.

Schedule Changes:  Friday 4:30 has been permanently moved to 5:00pm

N1180505727_372866_8015603 Happy Birthday Christy Trego!

Splash_2 Join us ladies for the Cabi show at Xena's on Sunday @ 2:00pm!

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  1. Finish the God damn pull Pistol!! Happy Birthday Christy.

  2. Fun Oly lifting today. Happy birthday Christy…my favorite sister-n-law!
    Up yours Gdog!

  3. The 40 yard dash is on Breeze!!! You name the time and place…..and Ill be there to kick your a$$!!

  4. Just wanted to finish today as I wasn’t feeling well but managed to get a PR with 22:46. It’s always fun (not) wodding with Meatball and Stringer. They keep me on my toes, dammit…