Happy Birthday Karon!

DSC_0103 Katie is so close to getting her muscle up!!!

"Jacked Stack Jeremy"


OHS (135,95)
Gi Janes (Burpee + Pull Up)

Post time to comments.


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  1. Happy birthday Karon!

  2. Katie,
    It looks like it’s just a grip problem…..
    Big Ed

  3. This WOD looks awesome…If you have time check out the King Kong WOD…I think I want to add this to my list of goals this year.

  4. oh… i hadn’t thought of that. thanks for your help.
    also, if i pointed my toes, do you think i’d be able to get it?

  5. You guys are both racists.
    Your grip is jacked on your left hand and pointing your toes actually does help by tightening your core which adds to the stability during the transition.
    I think you are both just envious of my 70’s Big ass.

  6. Katie
    Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades…. Just sayin cuz your a kegger.
    Its challenge week everyone so lets start the insults.

  7. What???? Nobody posted the challenge is starting!!

  8. The old folks at the gym got confused about the challenge.

  9. Listen Kegger, just remember your trainers are winos so watch yourself…also you know that is my team you are smack talking about…

  10. i’ll still beat you to a muscle up, gdog!

  11. If you do, Brad will give you $10

  12. I have seen that one. You would be the first that could do it I think.

  13. Hahahahahaha!
    I love challenge weeks.
    Happy Birthday Karon.
    Enjoyed O lifting again today even though I look like I just started snatching today :0.
    I love todays alt. WOD. garrett and I did it a while back and named it Jack Stack Jeremy b/c it is like Jeremy on the boards. Great OHS WOD.
    See ya tomorrow.
    KEGGERS SUCK! (even though I really love u all)
    If G-dog gets a MU next week, winos get extra points. If GND gets a MU next week, winos get extra points!

  14. I’m down for the King Kong WOD. I need to do some work on getting a muscle up but I am pretty confident that by June, I will be able to do King Kong Rx.
    In addition we should do Tillman ( In honor of Pat Tillman)
    7 Rounds for time:
    7 Deadlifts 315 lbs
    1 Full Gasser
    15 Pull Ups *Rest 45 seconds between rounds.

  15. Happy Birthday Karon!

  16. The video STARS need to get it together!!! I have a new flip cam with a 2 hour battery if your ready!

  17. Do you really think the keggers can get it together for a video?

  18. thank you, i appreciate the well wishes on my special day! 🙂

  19. thank you kim, brad et all for the birthday wishes. i’m having/had a GREAT day! 🙂

  20. Nooooooooo!