Hang power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

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  1. First day back after break.. and Heavy weight! woohoo. Is anyone on twitter?
    Hit me up with a follow if ya are. http://twitter.com/csh8428
    At least I won’t have to worry about tearin my hands up on this one.

  2. Great job am crew! Simone, you did great! Just gotta get outta yer head! 113 for me and did Helen for fun. 13:38. Anyone want to Zone with me?

  3. I want to Zone with you! Started today.
    See you guys tonight.

  4. Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays!
    On Jan. 17th, there will be a an Oly. lifting seminar at Flowery Branch High School. The cost is 100 dollars. But if we can get 5 people from our box to go, then the cost goes down to 75 dollars. I am planning to go and have already received the info from the instructor, Mr. C.J. Stockel. Mr. Stockel has a very impressive resume and I am sure Kim and Christy can tell you much more about the man if you have any questions about him. There is also a link for the seminar at CF Atlanta.
    Also, I think i should change my nickname to Big “E” from BigEd so as to better reflect my hip-hop lifestyle.
    Ltr, Ed.

  5. I’m such a putz… Peggy an Pistol: I thought you were talkin about some training routine. Took me a minute to figure out you were talkin abou the Zone diet…. I hope that’s what you’re talkin bout; cuz if not, I really feel lick a douche.
    Girls and their silly diets.

  6. I definately want to Zone with you but I don’t know anything about it!

  7. I am zoning right now!! So yes I am in Pistol!

  8. dj, read your post! lick a douche? Freudian slip?

  9. Been zoning for bout 8 hours….good to back at CFNF!
    The holidays are over, y’all need to get your butts back in the gym!

  10. In for the Zone. Started today. I have done this before. It has an awesome affect on your performnce, energy and fat loss.
    See you at 6:30
    I really enjoyed working with CJ at Flowery Branch in the past. I may go on the 17th.Trying to work it out.

  11. Pistol, thanks for hanging around watching me miss 73 like 5 times in a row…just have to get more aggressive, I know I can do it, like you said, it’s all in my head.

  12. Wow! Pebbles got her first RX pull up workout! Awesome work! BigE and Mr. Dj put some awesome Murph times today! 34:something & 39:something, respectively.

  13. Thanks Pistol…finally. Never quit! It will pay off. So glad I did Helen instead of cleans tonight (which is more my thing). This year I am going to work on everything I am good at but work harder at the things I hate ( running, box jumps,pull ups pistols).Good thing the list of likes is MUCH longer.