Gym closed today for the Affiliate Challenge at BTB


 Lots of PR's yesterday!  Gdog started it off with a 4:19Rx then Rainman came in at 4:13Rx and then Breeze just finished her off at 3:09Rx and if that wasn't enough Stacy whipped her ass too for her very first Grace Rx.. Well Done CFNF!

We are closed today for the Fundraising Affiliate Challenge at BTB Fitness.  Bring $20 which is 100% donated to the Cancer Society and some water.  Meet here at 8:30am to ride down together.  Game On!

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  1. Pebbles says

    Sniper also kicked her ass taking almost 3 minutes off her time with a 5 something RX. Way to go. Nice PR.

  2. Good luck everybody at the challenge!!

  3. The challenge was a blast!! Sorry I had to leave early, but I can’t wait to see the results with the way everyone kicked some major ass today. Way to represent!

  4. Gotta give a huge shout out to Blake for smoking it today. Had people from the other gyms asking about Blake and where he trains. It was a blast (not counting the 70 lb goblet squats) today and enjoyed the fellowship shown today.
    I’m off to the Crabapple QT store tonight and if you come in to buy beer, just make sure you are there before 11:45 pm.
    Take care, Ed.

  5. Martine says

    Yeah, ITA Ed, the goblet squats sucked. I don’t hope to see those again in a WOD any time soon.

  6. Well done CFNF! Thanks to all who participated…you all made Kim and I proud…we were definately the best looking bunch there, with exception of chicken d@#%!
    Looking forward to next week of WOD’s!

  7. To all of the challenge participants, thank you for the support, motivation, and companionship. In addition, thanks to Justin for being the CFNF hooligan cheering us on while during the sandbag shuttle.

  8. If you didn’t go to the challenge, you really missed out! This was my first.
    I thought only family members cheered you on no matter how bad you looked but today was an experience to be surrounded by elite athletes (all of you AND people I didn’t even know) encouraging me through the painful times.
    Oh and at the end we sat on a curb and drank beer — just like a normal family reunion.
    Kim, I’m glad you told me to do Rx. It meant a lot to me that you thought I could do it and I think that is what helped push me.

  9. Ed-
    You are right about the challenge being a blast except for those damn goblet squats! It was nice meeting you, and see you down the road. And I’m always rooting for the over-40 crowd and short guys.