Gym Closed Today for the Challenge at Cobb Galleria


Nice push up form, Adam!

The gym is closed today for the challenge at the Cobb Galleria.  Meet here at 8:15 to caravan over.  Go Bulls!
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  1. austinmclean says

    good luck yall!

  2. Way to represent – JPO, Hicky, GND, Xena and Hagler! Excellent job! I enjoyed being the only male.

  3. It was nice meeting some of you today! The only thing I can say is, you ladies are BAD ASS! I enjoyed watching each of you! I have a lot of work to do to get caught up with you guys! Can’t wait! Peace!

  4. WOW! Great job ladies and DD! Way to represent! Congrats to Hicky who came in 5th place overall! She went up against some tough Games competitors! I think she’s going to the Games next year! No name Dan, GREAT to see you there today! Remember what I said, our goal is to have you compete at the next affiliate challenge!

  5. well done, hicky, DD, xena, jpo, and hagler! i had a blast with you guys today. jpo and xena win best shirts 🙂

  6. It was an honor to participate alongside of the ladies of Crossfit and of course DD who rocked the WOD. The Gauntlet was no joke, and I was proud of everyone’s efforts.