Gym Closed Saturday for the Challenge at Cobb Galleria


We miss you Stanley! 

HQ Rest Day.  Alt WOD:  

Run 400m or row 500m
21 DB snatches right arm
Run 400m or row 500m
21 DB snatches left arm
run 400m or row 500m

100 sit ups
ATTN:  The gym is closed Saturday for the challenge at the Cobb Galleria.
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  1. Kevin, it’s nice to have you back!

  2. Wish Stanley was back:(

  3. Who is that handsome officer? He looks vaguely familiar.
    Oh yay, running again today!

  4. austinmclean says

    stan the man…

  5. What y’all talking about…Stanley stops by all the time……to chat.

  6. and don’t forget about getting water…..Miss you too Stanley…

  7. I did hear that Stanley PR’d on the “Pimp Slap the Alpharetta Hustler” Workout!
    Miss you Stanley…but thankful you are keeping the peace!

  8. Yea, Kevin is back.
    One are snatches are tough. 6 am did a good job though. I love dumbells b/c they work each side evenly. My left side is definitely weaker.
    That pic of Stan is the day he watched me do Angie. It’s almost the same if you watch right???? Just kiddin Stanley, you know we love you and just want you to come back and work out with us.
    GOOD LUCK AT THE CHALLENGE SATURDAY. PLease post about it as G-dog, the boys, and I will be in NC at High Rock Lake with my family. Looking forward to some water skiing. woohoo!
    See ya next week.

  9. for the second time this week, i was asked where my friends were during my workout this evening. specifically i’d like to call out:
    hicky (what happened to your 2-a-days)
    sarah (out of town? at least write on the blog)
    stacy (parents in town is a reason to COME to the gym, not stay away)
    anna (did you quit the gym?)
    and all the others i haven’t seen in a few days – martine, miguel, peaches, STANLEY…
    i just miss ya’ll, that’s all 🙂
    ps sammy has gotten FAST! i’m betting he could shake up the top times on the 400m next time we do time trials.

  10. ?????????????

  11. Everybody misses you to Big Ed!

  12. I was there last night. 🙂 Yesterday Miguel came down with some nasty head cold, which he politely shared with the rest of us today. I’m thinking ya’ll don’t want us to come in and spread the love around though. 😉 Hopefully we’ll be able to work out tomorrow, if not we’ll be in next week.

  13. Aww Thanks Katie! I feel missed! I couldn’t come in yesterday because of graduation(finally!). I also have my in-laws, parents, brother, and cousins staying at my half moved into house this week. Ahhhhhhhhhh!
    I will be in at 12:30 tomorrow though!