DSC_0014 Great job Jpo on your 77# power cleans!


For time:
21 Pull-ups
21 Handstand Push-ups
18 Pull-ups
18 Handstand Push-ups
15 Pull-ups
15 Handstand Push-ups
12 Pull-ups
12 Handstand Push-ups
9 Pull-ups
9 Handstand Push-ups
6 Pull-ups
6 Handstand Push-ups
3 Pull-ups
3 Handstand Push-ups 
Handstand push-ups are "nose to floor" and pull-ups are "strict" or non-kipping.

Post time to comments.


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  1. Sweet.

  2. Yep. This has Ed written ALL over it. Thanks again for the ring dip help.

  3. not a problem

  4. Nice pic Jpo!

  5. AWESOME PIC J-PO!!! You’re my hero!

  6. Way to get up on that barbell Jpo. 77#s got nothin on u!
    Had so much fun O lifting today. It has been a while so I was nervous but it felt great. Thanks Pistol for being a good example and thanks Hicky and Meatball for ummmmm….just kidding. Thanx for letting me work out with you guys and for your support. Great crowd today. Looking good Ann-imal and Ed!!!!

  7. I would like to send a special thank you out to “Xena” and “J-Po” for coming in at 7 am this morning to keep me company!

  8. Well Baxter told me how he felt bad that people rarely come to the 7a class so we thought we would switch it up! He called Xena and next thing you know we are all at the 7a class. Got love that Dog always thinking of others!

  9. And Friday?

  10. Erin -Chi Town says

    Thanks CFNF for letting me(Erin/Chicago) come and crash your box tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow as well!