Front Squat:  3-3-3-3-3-3

CFNF Alt WOD:  4 Rounds for time of the following:
10 Burpees
10 KTE
Block Run

This Wednesday night 7:00pm at Pebble's House:  Gold Party!!!!  Come sell your gold and make some holiday ca$h!  Please RSVP to Pebbles.
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  1. Evite Link. I sent it to everyone but it is showing unopened by many of you. Bring friends and relatives!!!

  2. Heyyyy!!!!!!!!!! Fun Alt wod today…would have been faster if Baxter was not trying to do hspu and burpees with me! hahaha
    i gonna say it! Nice seeing you today Brad and Max!

  3. Why thank you JPo, it is good to be back. Although I didnt really care for seeing Gdog today.

  4. Agreed Breeze
    It was miserable seeing you as well.
    Caswell great to do Front Squats with a real man.