Front Squats: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Alt WOD:

Time Trials:

150 Wall Ball
500 m row
400m run
100 Sit Ups
100 Push Ups

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  1. Apparently what the time trials proved this morning, is either a) I should have stayed in bed or b) I’ve got me some work to do in the gym.
    Good to see the am crew this morning.

  2. Can someone PLEASE come hold my toothbrush for me? I finally got the straw in my coffee. Man is it tough to come back after a layoff!! My sore body will be there to do the front squats. The alt wod would just kill what’s left of me.
    I’ll see the good lookin’ people at 12:30!!

  3. I would like to try this all over again today…did a little bit of everything but not sure if it was even considered a workout or a warm -up…
    Ready for the challenge…meatball I heard you can’t really decide what team to be on…pretty sure it won’t be the morning so with that being said looks like you are going to be on a losing team. sucks for you!
    Have a great day!

  4. Gigi the good lokking people were in at 6a and 7a.

  5. Just want to give a shout out to ALL the CFNF Peeps! Ya’ll make me proud with all the smack talk of last night.
    Yesterday must have been one of the most posted days ever!
    Although I love all ya’ll, I can’t wait for the Challenge to smack down some proverbial “ass”!

  6. Hang in there GiGi! Sooo glad to have you back.
    I am impressed with your come back.

    I’m going to be a dedicated AMer!
    I love a challenge. Bring it on.
    I did FS this am. Legs are shot from those heavy thrusters and OHS past couple days so I was not thrilled with my 160. I did not do all 7 reps either. Idid row a 1:47 which tied my last row time.
    G-dog got 225 and Allan at 305 is impressive.
    Garrett’s out of town so I will be off this week-end. It will be good rest for the challenge next week.
    I have heard the lunch time crew and the night crew bragging bout there “skills”….
    us AMers are just keepin quiet and will surprise everyone with our points next week. I know in general we all just want to kick JT’s ass! 😉
    Happy Friday.
    Goooooooo AM!!!!!!!

  8. I think all the posts were b/c of Otis’s birthday. Pebbles – your post below about all the points next week sounds like bragging to me…guess you’re not keeping quiet anymore:)
    Breeze – when is the Challenge? Sammy and I are traveling for work Tuesday through Thursday.

  9. the dedicated night crowd doesn’t “miss workouts for work” … just saying

  10. No…. I am not one for being quite. We all know that.

  11. Martine…I thought your times were good. 151 is a fast row. good time on sit ups too. way to go.

  12. hahahahaha!

  13. Martine, you did great this morning. Don’t sell yourself short.
    It was great having Sheri back in as well.
    Along with Pebbles, I also am a dedicated AM’er.
    So, BRING IT! (that means you, JT)

  14. To bad to sad Spider ….Breeze said last night the challenge starts next week..better hope your crew makes up for you having a job! HA
    GOOOOOOO Morning Crew!!!!!!

  15. Martine, if you’re still undecided what team to be on, be an AMer!

  16. Michael, didn’t you used to come every morning? What happened? There’s still time to swap back and join the winning team!

  17. no way! we call michael – i am fairly sure he was there last NIGHT!

  18. Count me in. I look forward to rejoining the morning crew.

  19. ouch

  20. haha! yessssss! burn evening crew! you just got REJECTED!!!!! Michael you’re the man!

  21. Brad said you can join whatever team your loyalties lie with… Michael’s made up his mind! Haha!
    GND, you can join the morning crew too… no one will blame you for wanting to be on the winning team

  22. Michael…since you’re not working anymore, you probably would like to sleep in. So….I was thinking lunch would be a perfect time for you to work out!

  23. lunch needs all the help they can get; nice job recruiting 🙂

  24. Do you work?

  25. I love how everyone is fighting over Michael. No one is fighting over you JT:)

  26. We definately dont want JT….he only comes in like once a week!

  27. Not sure if anyone remembers me since I’ve been gone 2 months but I’d like to join the PM crew — I already told JT I have his back.
    Michael, you disappoint me.

  28. i stand in the corner and watch my students … oh wait …

  29. Peggalicious says

    I’m fighting for JT – and he knows the evening crew rocks. And if Hawe wants to switch teams, that’s fine, we still have Campbell and he kicks butt!
    Anna – very glad to have you on the PM crew!

  30. Wait, who’s Anna again?

  31. Thanks Xena, I just felt that I was running on fumes this morning. It just all felt harder than it normally does. You rocked it btw!!

  32. thanks hicky! I just might decide to join you am’ers. It’ll make it more interesting when I inevitably show up in the evening.

  33. I have a very important announcement to make in regard to my decision to be part of the AM crew for the upcoming challenge.
    For starters, I am heading back to school. Due to the scheduling of my classes, I would not be able to make the workouts on Monday and Wednesday evening. I could not put myself in situation where my absence would compromise my team from winning.
    You guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack. But when I started working out with the AM crew, I knew you all were one of my own. And my wolf pack… it grew . So there… there was the AM crew in my wolf pack… I was alone first in the pack, and then the AM crew joined in later. And six months ago, when I went to the PM crew, I thought, “Wait a second, could it be?” And now I know for sure, I just added the PM crew to my wolf pack. All of us, sweating together, at CrossFit North Fulton, looking for WODs and PRs. Now, it is time to go back to the original wolfpack, the AM crew, with the intentions of winning even though it may divide my wolfpack.

  34. alright, so Michael has defected to the AM squad, and Breeze is trying to recruit for the Lunch group. I think thats a sign of desperation.
    First of all, I’d like to see Michael’s contract because he’s been a PMer for a while and I want to know who’s bribing him.
    Second of all, i love that the AMers and Lunchers are the ones talking trash, just goes to show they’re scared of us PMers.
    and finally, Breeze, i may only come in once a week, but i still wipe the floor with your weak times. The only reason you work out at lunch is because no one is there and you can post any time you want without having proof.
    PM crew unite!

  35. WTF? no wonder you’re a one-man wolf pack geek!

  36. one to word to comment on both michael’s and JT’s posts:

  37. Also, I’m not sure whether or not anyone knows this or not, but JT’s mom, Sheri, told me that JT is a tad competitive.

  38. i “like” this, facebook style

  39. Glad to have you on the morning crew!

  40. You figured me out! By the way…nice MU’s last week! You actually did like 2 or 3 of the prescribed 15 until you had to jump! Week!

  41. Again JT I will remind you of your comment to a certain member of CFNF the pm class is where the Athlete are….hmmm if thoses clases are sooo strong why is everyone jumping ship and moving to where the Dedicated Athlete are??? just saying be careful in what you say…..Michael geeks are cool!
    this will not effect our lead swapping in the networking group:)

  42. Real question is Do you work Brad????? Or just drink coffee all day and watch fox news?

  43. Michael,
    When’s the next Halley’s Comet? I hope it’s not tonight.

  44. What’s this challenge I keep reading about? I get that it’s AM v. Lunch v. PM but that’s about all I got. BTW, I know I’m new, but if anybody want to get some extra oly practice, I have a pretty quality bar (Pendlay) and about 260 lbs of bumper plates. I live in Hunters Cove. It’s on the internet. Let me know if interested.

  45. Whoa JT, Xena just brought your mom into this.

  46. Saw what you wrote on my fb wall — love you too, Mike.
    Oh and I feel there’s a connection to be made between Philly taking Michael Vick and AM taking Michael Hawe…

  47. Michael, I can’t believe you are switching sides. You are a commie bastard. I think your new nickname should be Spector (as in the Senator).

  48. i might be up for that

  49. Cool. Let me know.

  50. Last time I checked America is the greatest country in the world. The rest of the world is just not as impressive. Some people would call that xenophobia. I call it patriotism.

  51. Allen..
    Basically we are divided into teams. This time it is AM vs LUNCH vs PM. Points are awarded to everyone each day who participates and then additional points for 1st 2nd and 3rd place for the daily WODs. Scaled and Rx.
    It is a lot of fun. We usually have funny videos making fun of each other and in the end we are all stronger and unite once again……. except this time. It is looking like wee may have a permanent division…….
    just kidding.
    Brad and Kim usually open the gym to everyone for the week no matter what kind of pass they have and we see a huge turn out which is the goal.
    JT has a big mouth and I know he is lashing out due to the fact that deep down he hurts b/c until he attended CFNF no 39 year old Mommies had kicked his ass before!

  52. I have been reading all these posts and thought I could best articulate my thoughts through poetry: uuuhhhuuumm (throat clear):
    I woke up this morning excited to go to the gym
    What a fine group of women and men
    Two brits, a whit, jpo, the Donald, a princess warrior and DD
    You all better watch out especially you JT
    The wise have stood up and joined the morning crew
    Pebbles and Michael, we are so proud of you
    Wallballs, pull-ups, thrusters, ELITE SNATCHES, AM is better by far
    While the PMers are working out we’re havin a stiff one at the bar
    I was a former AMer that have revisited by roots
    So sorry PMers to give you the boot
    So I have pledged my loyalty to the AMers for sure,
    But most importantly… who wants to go to Pure? Ha!
    Game on!!

  53. Snap!!!!!

  54. I’m going to go drink some beer now…

  55. Great job to Michael (aka ”commie bastard”) for a 295 lb FS!

  56. Thank you Michael for timing me and Breeze! We did Fat Jeremy today! Super fun! 21-15-9 OHS (135,95) and burpees. Nice job Amy on your front squat! 133 aint to shabby for being away for three months! Glad you are back. BTW, which team are you Betor’s on?

  57. That is awesome!!!!
    Glad ur an AMer.
    PS Garrett’s FS was 255. I posted 225. Oooops!!!

  58. Up yours Jpo!

  59. BTW, Stanley says ”hi”.

  60. Preach it Sistah!!!!

  61. austinmclean says

    I just had to comment, I think 60 posts is the most I have ever seen on here! Good luck to all the teams…

  62. Well, I am going to have to go for the PM team. Amy is a nooner so I guess we are at war! I have been out of town this week. I am looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!!!