Friday WOD – We are closed Saturday for the Atlanta CrossFit Challenge at BTB Fitness. Meet at CFNF at 9:00 to ride together!



Wall Balls

Double Unders

Sit Ups

Post time to comments.

Check BTB Fitness for directions and details about the Atlanta Area CrossFit Challenge.

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  1. Ouch…shoulders….ouch!

  2. Princess Peach says

    Ok…I am posting for the first time and a little nervous. But, today’s workout looked like a bitch, so I would like to think my ass for not getting out of bed…and inspiring Jenny as well. We need to be in tip top form tomorrow so we sacrificed today! I am bringing the roadies for the car pool….GAME ON!

  3. Peach – you were missed this morning. Magoo and Kim Possible were awesome as always. I will dream of double-unders tonight.