Friday WOD


Tabata This.

Box Jumps

Wall Ball

Sit Ups

Back Extensions

Air Squats

Tabata means 8 nonstop rounds of 30 seconds.  For 20 seconds you will move and rest for 10.  Record each set with the lowest number and post to comments.

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  1. cheri aka gigi, founding member of Crossfit N. Fulton says

    Last minute trip to Destin….
    See you Monday!
    Have a super weekend!

  2. This is such a great work out.(54 score) It makes you do a lot of reps in a quick amount of time with out really thinking about it. I think we did a good job. On squats alone we probably did an average of 120 plus squats in less than 4 minutes. I am glad Eve and Kim were there to push me. I needed that! See oyu Monday!

  3. GiGi, there’s no burpees today….You don’t have to fake like youre going on a trip!!!
    Christy, If I wasn’t so good at squats and box jumps you woulda kicked my a@#

  4. That is my goal Kimberly!

  5. What # do I need to hit to beat Kim?

  6. Eve Patrick says

    “Tabatha This” Dammmm what a workout “MasterChief” or, “Satan in a Sportsbra” Christy is a BA I think that will be her nickname. I need her to keep me going. See you tomorrow for more torture & I’ll see y and Christy Mon am!

  7. CrossFit Challenge Jan. 19
    Place—–Inner Strength Crossfit
    5292 Oakdale Rd Se, Smyrna ga 30082
    Please call for details Nick
    10am-2pm. There will be pizza and drinks!

  8. hi