Friday WOD- Schedule changes next week are as follows: Tues/Thurs 8:30am class starts. Thurs 11:00 class changes to 11:30. Tues/Fri 5:45am changes to 6:00am


Nice L sit, Hicky!  Nice rope burn too!


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

If your hands are shot sub deadlift for pull ups.  Post time to comments.

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  1. Dang Hicky lookin good.
    Back in Atlanta!!!! Very glad to be back, check out and see how good I look 🙂
    Playing golf with people from my cousins wedding this morning but should still be there to say hi and watch a workout (will probably be either too drunk to workout or recovering from being buzzed so we shall see). Im sure everyone is just dyyyyying to see me!
    jk good luck with Angie today

  2. Hey Austin…play good today! You playing WC?
    mmmmmm…this is a great workout. I remember doing this one when I first started…took me 54 minutes!
    As someone who’s been out of town ALOT the past few months…I just hope I beat it…or finish it!
    See whoever is at 12:30!

  3. Angie’s a tough one!… Kim, you don’t have to worry, I didn’t even come close to your time.
    Brad, thanks for letting me try out your dremel this morning.
    Oh, and I think there should be a new rule… No graffiti-ing in the record book… Ahem… Kim!…
    And welcome back Austin!

  4. Hey Austin, glad to have you back. By the way, aren’t you supposed to drink Blue Moon beer with orange slices? Get with the program!
    C ‘ya ltr, Ed.

  5. Hicky,
    You got me…CTB’s and a case of the “head clap” did me in this morning. I fought thru with a 13:05 but watched the Spider knock it out sub 12. Way to go!
    Austin, look forward to seeing you… But don’t worry, if I don’t see you in person soon, it won’t be long before all I can see is your pictures on line! Glad ur back!

  6. Hmmmm…….what exactly is “head clap”?

  7. Hey! Way exciting in the gym this am. I did Helen with Bam Bam, Keri and Xena. I took 2 minutes off my time Brad said so that’s inspiring.
    Way to go 7am crew. I have had a bad week and it was a lot of fun to see everyone this morning.It cheered me up for sure. Everyone is working so hard!!
    Way to go Marc on Angie. Strict pull ups are your thing.
    Kerri had awesome unassisted pull ups. Some of the best I have seen and 100 at that. WTG.
    Sammy and Salley and Dave(Toby) did a great job at Helen.
    Great job everyone. See ya tomorrow.

  8. you know….any time you have an ailment, it’s a “that part of the body clap”. Like the “stomach clap” or a “head clap” or an “upper respitory clap”……and then, there’s the real “clap” and the Clapper ™
    Hope that helps!

  9. Thanks Sammy. I’ll use that tonight. “No thanks, dear, I have a head clap.”

  10. Dang it was crazy this morning! Sammy what the heck are you talking about “head clap”? Just say no to Refer man….Austin glad youre back! Pebbles, Kerrie, Hicky, Spider, Fred great performances today! Marjorie, you rocked it! The SWAT boys weren’t bad either!

  11. Marge and Kerri! Yall were awesome! Thanks for joining me!

  12. Kim, Thanks for the push to stay off the band and get the RX!! My first Rip too, ooowww!! My shower sucked. I totally will be resting tomorrow!! Thanks for the compliment Pebbles!
    Marge way to puch through your first official WOD at Crossfit!

  13. Good job ”Russ”! Stanley, pls don’t beat my ass. Austin, lay of the crack. I just want everyone to know I’m about to make huge strides in my fitness because my Wii Fit just came in today. See everyone next week.
    Also, let’s have a CFNF night out next Friday or Saturday at Slice in downtown Alpharetta.
    Adios, Ed.

  14. Great job everyone! Glad to be back and be around the gym. Big Ed, just because I yelled at you about your push ups doesn’t mean I am on crack! Just messing with you, you did a great job. Everyone else i know, hella good job and keep it up, to all the newbies, can’t wait to get to know you and continue with the beatings!!!!
    Can’t wait to see everyone else again.