Friday WOD


A day of PR’s.


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. **gigi** Burpee hater..Crossfit Lover says

    Can’t wait till I can breathe again. Won’t run any faster, but will stop scaring the neighbors.

  2. **gigi** Burpee hater..Crossfit Lover says

    For those who travel to Destin & want to do something similar to but not exactly “Crossfit” here is a link….
    It’s on the beach and a drop in class. I’ve watched it but haven’t joined in yet. I think this is Tom’s brother…hehehehe

  3. I got a personal training session in ‘Cindy’ yesterday courtesy of Brad (no one else was at the 6pm) – thanks again Brad for staying and making me sweat profusely! On my nickname – I only want one once I’m deemed worthy – I may have a while to go before that happens! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  4. I did Cindy today.
    15 rounds (red band and real push ups)
    Was hoping for one or two more rounds than that but the last few rounds of push ups were slow and the band slows me down.
    Joy, Leanne and Julie were tough.
    See ya Saturday.

  5. Just wanted to share the text Eddie sent me after the 5:45 class, before I did Cindy at 7: “Cindy kicked my a**, I want to slap her and call her a dirty ‘ho”

  6. Kim Nadler says

    Thanks Gigi for the “Tom Cruz” workout information. Would you be interested in doing a group personal training session with me and Kyle on the beach. He only does the classes on weekends and I will be there May 26-31. He says he comes to your condo and does it on the beach. Interested????

  7. spider aka salley says

    Awesome job today Sammy…great working out with you and the G-D-O-double G! Cindy is a bee-atch! (16 Rx)

  8. LeeAnn, Eddie is right on. Cindy deserves the Crazy Bit$# song for sure.
    Great work out Sammy, Salley and G-Dog and Heather.
    Good job on Michael Nadler.

  9. 16 RX.
    Sammy kept the pace and spider and I were close behind. I don’t see how the ATL boys do 24 rounds.
    Pebbles once you get those pull ups, Watch out everyone! You are the push up and squat queen.
    Nadler: Next time you do the WOD with the boys and show us how it is done.
    Lets keep up the good work everyone. Glad we are all in this together.
    See you tomorrow.

  10. Give a newbie a hint … Cindy ripped my hands apart. I hear Super Glue is a good healer? Any help prior to next session would be appreciated. I will be back to tame Cindy next time!

  11. **gigi** Burpee hater..Crossfit Lover says

    Hi Newbie…I would break a vit E capsule and put it on there. Nuskin (at CVS) helps too. Glue doesn’t heal. IMHO.
    Looking forward to working out with you soon!

  12. spider aka salley says

    4 ripped hands…salt. It hurts – but heals quickly.

  13. Nuskin burns like hell. I use it but just FYI it does feel like fire. Your hands will get tougher. Keep the callouses filed down too.
    Hope to see you soon.