Friday WOD


G-Dog smoked the Air Squats!

Murph                                                 Pee Wee Version

1 mile run                                             1/2 mile run

100 Pull Ups                                          50 Pull Ups

200 Push Ups                                       100 Push Ups

300 Squats                                           150 Squats

1 mile run                                            1/2 mile run

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  1. awesome job Garrett!

  2. I guess you can call me pee wee ‘cuz there just ain’t no Murph in me. Is there a pee wee, jr.??

  3. I just read your bio nice you two! So any consideration to just one am class during the week! Sorry for me I missed you all on Wed. and Friday … but i will see ya Saturday! Love the glamor shots!

  4. G-Dog who smoked the air squats is having trouble walking today. I would prefer the infant version of Murph unless Mr. Trego decides to do the workout tomorrow with me.


  6. Wow. Murph is scary. I thought today was tough(WOD from Thurs). Thank You Brad for pushing me through it. If I would just shut up, I could probably cut 5 minutes off my time!Looking forward to Saturday…….I think.

  7. As I sit here in pain from head to toe I would like to recognize my wife for smoking me in Murph by 3 minutes. I would also like to see how badly Kim destroyed Brad (if he even did it)becasue while the 6 of us on Saturday worked our butts off he just sat there with his coffee and smirked at our suffering. Remember Brad chest and chin to the ground on those push ups!