Friday WOD


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Looks different, huh?

5 Rounds for time

10 db snatch each arm (go heavy)

10 Ring Dips

10 Burpees

10 Wall Ball

200 m sprint (go full out here)

Post time to comments.

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  1. kim....satan in a sportsbra says

    I was trying to beat Matt Samuelson! He raised the bar this morning!

  2. Jill G. - BTB CrossFit says

    Congrats on making the affiliate page, Kim & Brad! We’ll head up soon to say hello and check things out. Good Luck!

  3. No way I’ll make it in today. Kids are ALL sick and yacking. Makes the above workout something I look forward to…even the burpees.
    Thank God for Airborne!!
    Wish me luck!

  4. So, “BARBARA” and I got to know each other today….in Canada. 🙂 Was easy to set up stations here..used the gravitron, and created my own “crossfit north fulton game on worthy” warmup! hahaha Got a combined 35:08 for the 5 sets. not counting the rest in between, of course. I needed this to help purge my sins from the holidays! Hope you all are kicking butt up there! Space looks GREAT.

  5. kim....satan in a sportsbra says

    Babs and I don’t get along so well. My hands were on fire…My time was 32:00

  6. New lighting in, first coat of paint on the walls…won’t be long now!

  7. cheri aka gigi, founding member of Crossfit N. Fulton says

    schweet….looking forward to seeing the new digs!
    Now…where is my wine????

  8. kim....satan in a sportsbra says

    I’m drinking it…

  9. Hi Kim- been behind a couple of days, and just noticed you guys on the Affiliate main page. Good stuff! I hope all goes well with the transformation of your space. Let me know if you need anything, especially with respect equipment. I did a TON of research on stuff, and may be able to help save you guys a dime or two if you need any help. Looking forward to a road trip north!