Friday Rest Day


Katie practices her dip/drive/dip.  ATTENTION:  Vote for your favorite Northside Women’s Trainer, Brad Trego, at !  Let’s help him be Mr. September!

If today isn’t your rest day make up a missed workout or come see what’s on the board.

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  1. I voted for Brad. …What I want to see, is him wearing a beauty-queen banner that says “Northside Woman” of September HAHAHA! Or a tiara.

  2. oops, I accidently voted for Marshall. Just kidding…I’m in for 4.

  3. For whatever reason, it won’t let me get to the page… but don’t worry – I’m definitely voting for you, Brad!!
    So I somehow misplaced my gym clothes and thus missed the 4:30 class… =( See you guys tomorrow.

  4. Great pic Katie! Great job today Simone, hope to see you soon at the gym! Stanley, nice to see you again. Adios.

  5. Great job to everyone at the 4:30 workout. It was nice to finally get back to the gym after a hectic work week. Look forward to tomorrow’s WOD.