Friday Rest Day


It hasn’t been the same without you guys!  See you soon.

If today isn’t your rest day the WOD will be:

1 snatch – 10 OHS
1 power clean – 10 FS
20 kb swings
20 dips
20 double unders

5 rounds for time.  Post time to comments.

Jon Gilson teaches the power clean – video [wmv] [mov]

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  1. jenny....I love Burpees says

    Hey pistol! Thanks for meeting me for lunch today at Arby’s those beef and cheddars were soooooo good! So glad we got the coke and not diet coke. Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow at IHOP!

  2. Kim - CrossFit North Fulton says

    you know what they say, “cheddar makes it better!” I looooove IHOP! Have you ever had those pancakes that are wrapped around a sausage link and then doused with syrup? Ah…heaven.

  3. Jenny....Burpees are my friend! says

    Hey Pistol!
    Thanks for meeting me at dairy Queen I love ice cream..chocolate is my favorite and since we put the oreo’s on top it made it even better…yum!
    Christy and Garret I got you all an ice cream cake hope you enjoy!
    Gigi I am going to go and get you a bottle of wine or three for the weekend…maybe I will put some cheese and crackers with that!

  4. Kim - CrossFit North Fulton says

    OMG that oreo blizzard was the bomb diggety! We’ll make up the workout tomorrow!

  5. ***gigi*** burpee & oatmeal hater for life! says

    (Spoken in Forest Gump style) Jen-nay …Whyy doooo you have to be sooo me-an?
    Can you make it red wine? I feel it has more nutritional value.
    Brad….Thanks for sharing the piping hot, deep dish pizza with triple the pepperoni & mushrooms. I would have made myself feel guilty if I ate the WHOLE thing. Glad they threw in those extra bread sticks though!! hit the spot, I tell ya!!
    See ya’ll tomorrow for the running clinic. Want me to bring some Chips & Salsa? Girl Scout cookies??

  6. ***gigi*** burpee & oatmeal hater for life! says

    p.s. It’s Cocktail Time!!!

  7. Jenny....Burpees, any type of carb,transfat all are my friend! says

    Gigi!Don’t hate the oatmeal or burpees just be one with them…these cheese and crackers I am eating are sooooooo good. I was going to have wine but I thought why do that when I can have a Mojito with extra sugar….gosh I just realized how NOT fun St. Patty’s day is going to be this year!!!!But I am going to turn that negative into a positive are remember at least I get to eat green veggies all day long(actually just two times)
    YEAH!!I am going to see you Saturday!!!!!!! I suck at running.

  8. Stella #3

  9. **gigi** Getting leaner & meaner by the minute!! says

    Great Video to check out!!
    Jenny….not too shabby on the eyes either!

  10. Jenny....Burpees, any type of carb,transfat all are my friend! says

    Gigi…I think I am in love and he can cook!

  11. mmmmmm…..Bookers on ice…..mmmmmmm
    Saule Goode.