Friday!!!!!! Pictures from the ship!

Brad couldn't stay away from working out while on vacation! Wach out for him when he gets back fellas!


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
245 pound Deadlift, 9 reps
8 Muscle-ups
155 pound Squat clean, 9 reps

Rob Orlando 6 rounds, Mike McKenna 5 rounds + 9 deadlifts, Josh Everett 4 rounds + 1 clean, Elyse Umeda 4 rounds + 5 deadlifts (165lb deadlift, 105lb clean). Post rounds completed to comments.



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  1. I can’t stop laughing…looking strong brad…All that beer you are consuming is really having an effect on you…wow

  2. hehehehehe!
    Meatball is posting an alt. WOD at the gym also.

  3. Stringer says

    is anyone working out after lunch? would like to get this WOD in after 1 or before 5…??

  4. Bostic or as I will call you by your new nickname “chipper” those are some amazing pictures. Glad Brad was able to get his pics to you while on his trip.
    Looking forward to the gym getting some leg extension machines.

  5. For some reason the phrase “Forging Elite Athletes” doesn’t come to mind when I look at these pics of Brad. Btw, are those feminine products? Freak.
    What’s even worse is that Brad has been Crossfitting for 3 years and he still looks like crap.

  6. I can be there by 1, but I HAVE to be out the door (place locked, etc) by 2:15. Let me know.

  7. Gdog or your new nickname, “I don’t do MetCon’s anymore” . I don’t know anything about those pictures but those leg extension’s are looking nice Brad! I bet he was doing 3 sets of 5.

  8. I have a client at 3:30 today if u want to come in then…..

  9. Now I can’t stop laughing! It was funny enough before Ed pointed out the feminine products that Brad’s hawking!
    Brad, I think you started the gym expansion a little soon – gym membership may start declining rapidly after these pictures.

  10. hahaha brad’s boobs are almsot as big as andy’s now.
    shout out to linda who killed the wod today at 6 mins and change. she didn’t stop the entire time! except maybe once to look at the random turkey outside the front door. nice job to everyone in the 7 and 8:30 groups!

  11. “strong like cat”

  12. Brad it looks like you got your panties in a “WOD”!

  13. Anyone up for a saturday of Lifetime movies and just a fun day of sharing after Brad gets home? I can’t wait to hear about his vacation.

  14. Brad may be to sore

  15. I am in. Caswell could you pick up some Zima for me.
    OR we could all meet at the gym on Sunday night and kick over all of the chalk buckets and throw the weights all over the gym?? I think that would be a great welcome home for the Trego’s.

  16. Great day at the gym! Alice deadlifted 115lbs 45 times!! Stringer and Ben are the only ones so far to attempt the Hero WOD today. It was fun watching them move such heavy weight. You guys better watch out cause Stringer’s muscle-ups are getting so much better!!!

  17. Stringer says

    Awesome Hero WOD…3 rounds RX+9+2…see yall tomorrow morning for the team WOD.

  18. Hey Hagler, will you still be there at 4pm? JT and I wanted to come in a bit early to do our Strength bias before the WOD. Please let me know so we don’t show up and have to wait for an hour in the parking lot…thanks very much

  19. G-dog, I love zima but I feel so bloated after 15 or 20 of em’. I feel like it’s that “time of the month”! But, from the picture, it looks like Brad can help with that.

  20. should be there from 3:30 till 4:30 pm….so see you there