Friday! No 4:30 class today – Tomorrow morning at 9:00am is the Atlanta Area CrossFit Affiliate Challenge. If you’re not competing come watch!

BTBJeff_th.jpgPhoto & story courtesy of Crossfit .com

In honor and support of Jeff Hayes of BTB Fitness our JWOD of the day is:

10 – 50yard sprints.

Sometimes, life’s WOD is harder than anything CrossFit throws at you. Read the remarkable story of Jeff Hayes, his battle, and the Atlanta community of CrossFitters that has rallied around him.

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  1. Happy Friday to All!
    Just a recap of things we learned yesterday:
    1. It is ok to send this link to your friends to vote for Brad
    2. If you are a male it is ok to vote for Brad no one will ever know you were on the Northside Womens site.
    3. Do we really want some boot camp guy to win this??

  2. JPo – you’re awesome!
    Kim – what time do you need people there today?

  3. Great job to everyone at the 6am workout.
    I look forward to supporting and cheering all CFNF participants in tomorrow’s FGB competition.

  4. Austin. I looked on the site you provided yesterday for an hour or two purely for RESEARCH. After I completed my evaluation I came to the conclusion that she’d get smoked by the girls from CFNF in fight gone bad!!!
    Lets see some 300’s tomorrow
    Pebbles and I are sorry that we will miss tomorrow. Make us proud.
    ‘your dog

  5. Kick ass CFNF, I hate to miss the challenge. It is a lot of fun and FGB is my favorite. I’ll be cheering from Nashville.

  6. Hello Everyone!
    Well not sure how many of you know but Pistol is turning 29 and we are going to go to dinner at Sugo tomorrow night..Reservations are a 8p.
    If you voted for Brad we would love for you to join us! Just let me know.

  7. Todd and I want to come to Sugo but Hunny is going to listen to a band after. Can someone bring me home??????