Friday – Happy Independence Day – Classes are at 8:00am & 9:00am today.


Spider, not OPT, but OCD, Big Ed & Sammy hang out for a while at CFNF.

Make up a missed workout or come see what is on the board.

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  1. Awesome picture Kim. Wow Sammy…..someone has been eating clean! You guys look cool.
    Totally slept in today and missed class. Happy 4th!
    see ya tomorrow.

  2. Love the height differential.
    Sammy you really have made progress to become part of the shirtless crew. Sally you are getting bigger and bigger.
    I will be leading the fully clothed crew picture sometime next week.

  3. Austin M says

    look at those LATS
    sorry i missed this morning I did the same thing pebbles did, off for a few mile run. Gotta get my runnin legs back if I wanna keep up with hicky.
    happy 4th everyone

  4. Yeah Austin – Peggy and I were commenting on what a slacker you are for not showing up this morning =)
    Yes guys, I have to say that you all look very good up there. Look forward to a ladies pic coming soon!
    Happy 4th to everyone!!

  5. Very cool photo. You can tell you guys haven’t been slacking. You all look great!
    …Oh, and Happy 4th of July everyone… even though you are celebrating independence from us Brits! 🙂

  6. Austin M says

    hmmm.. crossfit games workout tomorrow.
    im thinking do the fran workout at 8 and the deadlift workout at 9 and then play golf at 1010 at the country club. then come home and run 1.5 miles. now thats a full day.
    i wont cop out tomorrow mornin.