Friday – Golf Tournament Today!

Laurel gets up the rope!

FRIDAY 101105

Shoulder Press 1 x 5

AMRAP 12 Minutes

5 push press       (65% of body weight)

10 pushups

15 box jumps 24"



LUMBERJACK (today's HQ WOD) will be posted tomorrow!!!!!! Class is at 8, 9, and 10am. See you there!

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  1. All boys at 6 am! Good job on all those presses.
    M- way to jump!!!!

  2. Just an FYI. I plan on hitting into Blake and Ben’s group on every hole today.

  3. Strong lunch class today!
    It was great meeting Roger today. He held his own on his first ever Crossfit WOD! Matt D ruled the box jumps and Grumpy was a step closer to pressing 115 lbs! Next time Grumpy, Next time!
    Love having Nicole in the gym this week, sad to see her go again!

  4. Yes, the new Matt owned that box today!

  5. Good job on ur snatch pr meatball.

  6. So who ended up winning the golf tournament?

  7. Charlie Lail 1st place
    Ed Shubert 2nd place
    David Dyer 3rd place