Friday – Day 5 HSPU

DSC_0052 Love Scott's shirt!

Deadlift: 3 X 3


3 Rounds:

10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

10 Tire Flips

10 4 Count Mountain Climbers

Block Run

Post load and time to comments.

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  1. mountain climber haters this am!!!!!

  2. yeah we were not fans of the mountain climbing. good workout though. thanks for your help pebbles!

  3. Ben – I can’t do 1PM anymore. Going to appointment earlier. 🙁

  4. np. I’ll leave it for today and come in tomorrow. I’ve had a hell of a day already anyway with Noah doing another runner from the bus this morning.
    See you tomorrow morning.

  5. Way to go Noah!!!!

  6. Good workout though..Interesting blog..keep it up..