Baby got back!


Shoulder Press

3 x 3


AMRAP 15 minutes

run 400M then collect rounds of

3 clean and jerks 95/65

6 push ups

9 KB  upright rows 53/35


Post press weight and rounds collected to the board.


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  1. Jenny Schroeder says

    Very nice gentlemen!!!! Very nice!!!

  2. The all male 6 am class rocked today! Brady got 12 plus rounds….geez!!!

  3. Kim, what type of editing program did you use to make JT looks like he has muscle?

  4. 12 rounds…I call bullshit!!!

  5. fun 8:30 class…..such a pleasure to coach today. lots of laughs.
    new score to beat is 14 plus…..Kevin Sulcer!

  6. Whoa that’s great to Kevin and Brady!!!
    Hags I’m coming in today to do the workout at lunch. See you then.

  7. this is a 15 min workout…right??/ jacklyn…see u then

  8. it’s only one run…..isn’t it? was wondering….great job Kevin and Brady…

  9. I needed that. Happy to Hurt again!!! Great job Lunchtime. Way to rally at the end.