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trainer's choice.

Murph has become quite the CrossFit celebrity!  First she was on the HQ Affiliate Blog and now she's featured on CrossFit Radio.  Hear her story on how she began and how our community has changed her life.

Listen to Murph on CrossFit Radio Episode 212 

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  1. 30 wall balls 20/14
    21 ring push ups
    30 wall balls
    15 ring push ups
    30 wall balls
    9 ring push ups
    30 wall balls

  2. Murph!!! That was an inspiring interview. You’re going to do great in the open!!

  3. Agreed awesome interview!

  4. Proud of ‘ya honey!

  5. that interview was so heartfelt…when diane spoke about OUR crossfit/box……made me tear up…..we do have a special BOX…changing lives…:)

  6. You have to love CFNF, all it’s members and everything about it!
    Murph’s interview is first class and a testament to her as both a person and an athlete and the CFNF Community. Top, top Lady! Who knew that my Partner for the last few Saturday’s was an international celeb?
    See you all in the morning!