Picture 041

No words!!!!!!


Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps.

Post loads to comments.

This is a Max Effort strength WOD rather than a Metabolic Conditioning WOD. It won't leave you as "gassed" as Helen or Cindy will, but it will tax your muscles and nervous system heavily.


CrossFit 032

Nice PR Xena at 208! AND 50 consecutive sit ups.
CrossFit 034 Nice PR to Nitro too at 251!
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  1. Blake is def a “dancing queen”.

  2. My commet to Blake would be HEeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  3. boy am i HID

  4. Well done Xena and Nitro! Your physical strength is only exceeded by your metal fortitude.

  5. Blake,
    Are you coaching football or cheerleading? I’m confused.
    Nice work Xena and Nitro!
    We have to talk “Operation Sabatoge” again soon. I have ideas…

  6. Blake, that picture is priceless! If only we had the shower dance on film too
    Xena and Nitro well done on your PRs! Big achievements!

  7. Holy Crap! What did the Snyders eat for dinner?
    Nice PRs!!!!! In the words if GND… ” that is badass”

  8. thanks DD.
    but jean-claude-van-DAMN my gut looks big.
    dial up the metcom for nitro.
    nitro the (beefy) bomb

  9. blake.
    you rock the pink.
    need to have pistol work on your pose.
    it would be amusing to see you in a teal singlet @
    the next WOD.
    advice: don’t wear either to football practice when you start coaching.
    nitro the (fashion police) bomb

  10. pebbles:
    it was xena’s cooking.
    she killed a bear with her own hands.
    it was hot to watch.
    she made a skirt out of the bearskin.
    blake is wearing it to the WOD tomorrow.
    nitro (xena’s man bi-otch) bomb

  11. In the words of GND, “I like this.”

  12. Great Blog choice, Pebbles! Awesome job today people! First Xena & Nitro rocked it, then Carol & Charlie Lail finished with 128 & 205 (they’re 70!). Then at the 12:30 class Steph and Amy came in at 204! Daayyyuummmm! Is Xena cookin bear for the whole crew?

  13. No worries Nitro – you’ll get to where you want to be soon enough. Remember that you’re recovering from that porn injury.

  14. Great DL Miguel! 50 lb Pr!
    Thanks to A.C. for helping with DLs tonite.