DSC_0119 Welcome David!  He just finished his elements sessions and will be joining the group on Monday!

Front Squat

5 Reps X 3 Sets

Back Squat

15 Reps X 1 Set

Met Con:

10min AMRAP

3 Power Snatch  (115,77)
6 Ball Slams
9 Squats

Oops!!!  The Bra lady will be here next Friday!  Pistol's mistake, sorry!    

*********No Classes This Weekend************

The gym will be closed this weekend as all of our instructors will be competing in the Affiliate Rumble for the Georgia CrossFit Sectionals at Stone Mountain.  Go CFNF!  


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  1. I love the bra lady!

  2. Those bras are THE BEST. If you don’t have a Enelle Sports Bra …aka “Lock and Load” GET ONE! I’m going to order another today. Definitely worth the money!

  3. Good luck at the sectionals! You guys will do awesome!

  4. hey. Question. When is the Jock Strap Guy coming in?

  5. Trey Kubacak says

    Good luck to all y’all competing in Sectional!

  6. Hey guys. I am interested in going this weekend and found out that the tickets are buy one get one free. Let me know if anyone is interested in going.

  7. I think Hicky is going to watch…You should call her and see if she has a buddy already

  8. Ha!