Kristen kristen gets a PR!

Front Squat 


Met Con:

10 Min of Cindy

Ladies, don't forget the Bra lady will be here TODAY from 10 to 5pm.  I cannot say enough about her garments.  Try one on and see the difference.  

*****CAbi Show*******

Sunday at 2:00PM at Peggy's House

Join us for some wine and a fashion trunk show!  


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  1. Nice work 6a.
    Peggy and Alice rocked at 7am!

  2. Great Job Kristen!!! Thanks for the coaching this morning Pebbles, I know we’re a handful at 6am!

  3. Peggy I am coing on Sunday!

  4. Since Cans seems to be everyone at Crossfit’s favorite place here are coupons from
    $10 gift cert for $4 with a minimum check of $20
    $25 gift cert for $10 with a minimum check of $35
    Enter discount code of Menu for 50% off(expires 03/07). almost always has a 60-80% discount code at the end of the week.
    So your net cost of the $10 gift cert is $12 for $20 worth of food
    you buy them online and the coupons are emailed to you for your print.

  5. I love that site. Garrett and I have used it when we travel.
    I do like Cans. The tacos are gluten free and do not have cheese and the agave margaritas are da bomb!

  6. Peggalicious says


  7. nice PR this am.

  8. Phew…I’m feeling this week. I sorta expected to be drained after the first 6-7 sessions back, but I’m cooked. I think the combination of some met-cons and strength bias are conspiring against me.
    Anyway, Cindy was a bitch today, as always, but managed to eek out 10 rounds thanks to Pistol’s push for the last minute or so.
    Y’all have a great weekend…I’m heading to the mtns for some warm weather and non-paleo beer!
    Oh yeah, weighted Cindy… uh, that just looked hard. Great job guys.

  9. Stringer says

    Taking a few days off, so I can hit it hard Monday. Have a good weekend!

  10. “keelow” . . . awesome crossfit name . . . . love it!