Happy Friday!!!  CrossFit ChiX R hot!  Just sayin!

HQ Rest Day.  CFNF Alt WOD courtesy of Ed,

3 Rounds:

400m Run

5 Barbell Bear Complex

10 L Pull Ups

15 KB Swings (2pood, 1 1/2pood)

Post time to comments.

This weekend CrossFit East Decatur is hosting a nutrition seminar presented by Whole9.  Register here.

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  1. Stringer says

    looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. Maybe I will stretch some more tomorrow. See you all Saturday morning!

  2. bsawkins says

    Day off for me too. Did anyone eclipse 1.19 for the DU’s yesterday? See you Saturday…not sure which class though.

  3. No Ben, no one eclipsed your DU time!

  4. I mean Ben I came close! If you call close within 4 min’s give or take. JT was around 1:30 I think.

  5. dude where’s the baby? Sarah has got to be ready to just kill you, the dogs, or anyone else that happens to be around…..

  6. big ed that wod was ridic! reminiscent of eva, with the running and heavy kb’s and pullups. it didn’t help that it was about 85 degrees and sunny 🙂
    thanks to stacy for coaching and it was great to meet lots of new faces at the gym! great job to everyone at the lunchtime workout!

  7. bsawkins says

    Finally, I did ok at something…although I did note that Spealler hit 100 in less than a minute. Far out, that’s ridiculous.

  8. Yesterdays deadlift wod 7:33rx. 100 double unders 1:25! So close!

  9. Great job, you are one of the few to Rx today! Frankly, it’s a lot easier than Eva. Btw, I left a few books for you at the gym.

  10. Great job to the Dynamic Duo (J.T. and Jonathon),they smoked it today!
    It was nice meeting Yvonne from CF Emerald Coast.

  11. Hey there! Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys this weekend! This WOD was a gasser! Felt like I was gonna see my lunch again! 🙂
    BB Bear Complex: 53#
    KBS: 35# DB
    See ya tomorrow!