This looks like a crime scene! 

FRIDAY 100611

15 rounds for time of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Post time to comments.

Mark your Calendars!!!

Christy 40

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  1. I like this workout….great way to end the week….see everyone at lunchtime…also looking forward to buying JT a few shots tomorrow night….:)

  2. Great workout . . . my hands ripped on the last round . . . but it was worth it just to hear Doc singing alternately “you can do it put your ass into it” and “your body’s so bootylicious” . . . . thanks for the playlist, Pebbles:)

  3. Hagler..the shots for JT are tonight!
    Good job Xena on moving to the red band! wooohooo!
    Ben had a good time on this 13 something RX.
    I did BS, Press, Deads.
    Looking forward to a good metcon tomorrow.

  4. PS. There is nothing but ridiculous pictures of me when it comes to CFNF.

  5. you look HOT and YOUNG in every picture!!!

  6. good lunch crowd today…yesterday 2 people …today 15 people…great workout…my time 17:54rx….beating sammy by 6 seconds and spider by 2 minutes….I am so proud…Big ed killed it in 10 min and change…bostic beat Ben..aka waterboy by 30 seconds…everyone worked hard!! Even you Campbell…..great job…looking forward to getting HAMMERED tonight…has been a minute!!!

  7. Hags…..ahhhh…..really? Why you hatin’ so bad? Next time, looks like we’re gonna have to go head to head.
    Yes, for everyone reading, I just challenged a lady to protect my manhood!!
    JK, Way to f’n kill that workout! You always do great on Cindy so what should we expect?

  8. I am up for that challenge…you want in spider??….let’s do it…For the record…I am not hating….just proud!!

  9. Campbell says

    You did a great job today Hagler. It was nice to meet your daughter. Great job on everyone’s part for sure.

  10. Campbell says

    17:20 Rx for me today

  11. Campbell says

    They are usually great pictures! This one does in fact border on ridiculous, but appropriate because the KISS guy always has his tongue out.

  12. LOL it felt like a crime scene!

  13. Campbell says

    Previous best official Cindy was 15 rounds. So today, I predict I could get 2 more rounds with the time I had left. Next time Cindy comes, I’m going for 19 rounds.

  14. Does anyone know someone who might be able/willing to watch my dog next weekend from Thursday night through Sunday night? He’s a sheltie, about 30 lbs, pretty laid back, and doesn’t require a lot of exercise…I would definitely pay (or return the favor later in the summer), I’d just rather see him stay with someone I trust than put him in a kennel.

  15. I want in alright