Judy "the diesel" Beecham

Shoulder Press
3 X 3


AMRAP 10 Minutes

7 Hang Power Cleans 115/80
7 DB Push Press 40/25
15 Squats

Post load/rounds to comments.

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  1. jacklyn…this looks fun…probably will sub shoulder press since we just did that today….maybe push jerks…

  2. don’t forget…see you at 1pm


  4. Go Judy!!!!

  5. Judy!! great job.
    HAGS see you then, it does look fun.

  6. great job lunch crew….Britt knocking out 10 rounds….for just getting back in the swing of things….really? jacklyn beat me twice this week and tied me today……next week …stepping up my game….it’s on…:) I got 6 rounds = 7 HPC…so did jacklyn!!! great to work out with kevin Britt jacklyn ben and spider…and as always loved seeing X-tine…everyone have a great weekend…and thanks again everyone for the generousity of donations for caswell and his family!!! makes me happy to be a part of THIS box!! ( and OTIS helps!)

  7. Good workout week. Need to get one more in. I think there was one a couple of weeks with burpees and jump rope – will commit to that for tomorrow.
    HAGS – you’re making me better. Feeling closer to my pre powerlifting self.
    Yes, you bring it so I can up my intensity. I beat you once for real by 7 seconds and the other was my scaled to your Rx. So this week we’ll call it tied.
    Everyone did great at lunch!!

  8. Very strong lady, I think she is more stronger than me.

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