The ladies fist pump it jersey shore style at the Alpharetta PAL 5K Challenge!


Push Press (135,95)

Ring Dips


Row (Calorie)


5PMers, the city is repaving Hembree Parkway.  You might have to come in the back way.  Hembree to Wills Rd, Right on Hembree Park Dr., Right on Hembree Parkway.


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  1. That’s a HOT group of ladies!!! Congrats…great job blue ribbons the BEST!!

  2. Good job 6am. I might try to fit this WOD in today. It looks like a good one. AND I’m not even sore form the run….yay!

  3. unless there is O lifting……

  4. 8:00am Olifting

  5. Hitting this WOD at 5 today…anyone want to join me? I may actually strap on the weight vest for it…

  6. scratch that…lunchtime

  7. CrossFit chicks are HOT!

  8. Hi Everyone!
    I think a bunch of us are going to meet up at Lucky’s in Roswell on Saturday night between 7:30-8p if you would like to join…pretty sure we will go somewhere after just not sure where yet.
    Have a Happy Friday!

  9. Did the O-lifting at 7. Love Snatch grip Push press and lot of back squats!!!!! Glad I already worked out but looking forward to everyone at the 5pm class.

  10. **Message to G-Dog** if you still read this blog? Just wondering if you are ever going to come WOD again? Brad is going through quite the crisis Monday, Wed, and Friday with you not being around.

  11. knock knock…who’s there…2nd place…2nd place who?…Exactly.

  12. I dunno what this means? Im lost?

  13. Ernie, meenie, miney, moe. Push your foot and stub your toe!

  14. says

    were you referring to Auburn’s football prospects in the SEC West this year? If that’s the case shouldn’t have been…knock knock, who’s there, 5th place, 5th place who…exactly..