HQ Rest Day.

CFNF Work Out



5 Squat Cleans 95/135

15 Burpees

30 DU


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  1. Look at that sweet puppy! I love my Baxter!!

  2. Go to sleep!!!!!

  3. Where is 7am this week????
    Nice HPC Meatball. I gotta work on those!

  4. To all competing at CF Dahlonega on Saturday, the very best of luck, you’ll all do very well. I’m afraid I won’t be there in person to cheer you on, but I’ll be there in spirit.
    See you all at lunch today.

  5. Someone misses their mommy:(

  6. Good luck to Andy, JT and Bostic. Pebbles will represent the Butch clan cheering you on.
    I on the other hand will be home with the boys destroying the house and attempting to watch the most miserable week of college football of the year.

  7. Are there diffrent hours for next week?

  8. JT, Bostic, Andy: Good luck and do your best tomorrow to kick a@@. I’ll be back in Illinois this weekend; otherwise I’d be cheering you guys on.

  9. Scott!!!!!! We are firming up the schedule. Right now Monday and Tuesday have normal classes. Wednesday will probably be daytime hours (I have to ask Pebbs on this one). Don’t know about Thursday and Friday yet. Does anyone have any interest in wodding on either of these two days?

  10. Good luck to Andy, J.T.and Bostic tomorrow!