Shoulder Press

1 X 5


Met Con:

AMRAP 12 Min:

5KB Swings Right 35/25

5 KB Swings Left 35/25

7 Push Ups

9 Box Jumps (24in)

Post rounds/load to comments.

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  1. Happy Friday.
    Shoulder Press…stuck at 102. Probably will reset.
    Worked n Power Cleans 3 x 3 123, 128,133. Getting better.

  2. Fun WOD today! Ben handed my ass to me on a platter with a smile. 8 rounds and change. Box jumps were challenging.

  3. Yeah but your push ups and KB swings looked strong!!

  4. As I said Pistol, you have 12 weeks to get back to it. I know on your best day and mine, it’s a close call and you likely shade it on most of these WOD’s, especially where AMRAP’s are concerned. You’re still a beast!
    Pleased with my 13 rnds and 4KB swings (right arm) in the 12mins. Also did 175lb C&J’s 1×5, Front Squat (which needs work after Bostic obliterated me in Thursday’s WOD on the thrusters) at 205 x3x3 and Shoulder Press at 155 x 5 and then x2x3. Properly knackered this afternoon (shoulders are cooked), but looking forward to last workout of three at 8am tomorrow morning. See other 8am ers then!

  5. Great job JT at 16 rounds!!!!