DSC_0036Wow, Murph's legs are ripped!

A.  Hang Power Clean build to a heavy single in 10 min. – Beginners work on technique for 3-5 reps

B.  Deadlift 3 X 3 @ 80%

C.  1 Min Row @ 85% X 5 Sets –  5 min rest between rounds

Post loads to comments.  

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  1. What about Ryan and Blakes legs?
    Gonna have to pass on Crossfit tomorrow. Going to watch some real athletes at the Special Olympics. Collins is going to hammer the 50 yard dash and the softball throw. If you dare, check out his 2010 run. He is my man and my hero

  2. Collin is the man!

  3. Go Collin!!! Your are much faster than your Dad!

  4. That’s an awesome video (Not so sure that really was a false start, anyone who watches elite athletes knows they like to practice their start and the first 20-30 yds prior to the race just as a warm-up). It worked well in this case! Good luck to Collin today.
    G tell us when you will be in WOD’ng rather than when your taking a day off, it’s more meaningful that way. LOL! looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  5. Collin rocked the softball throw and the 50M dash. He kept cheering for himself and blowing kisses to the crowd and is proud of his 2nd and 3rd place ribbons. I admire all the athletes there today as they have more challenges to deal with than we will EVER know. Shout out to all the Special Olympians.

  6. Great job Collin!!!