Shoulder Pres

3 X 3


Trainer's choice.  If you bring her Starbucks in the morning she might be nice.  But probably not.


Blake, Murph & Pistol are competing the the Garage Event at Dahlonega this Saturday.  Come on out and cheer them on!


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  1. Bwa ha ha ha ha.
    Come see what’s on the board!

  2. It’s not nice AT ALL….

  3. Is that bitching I hear???

  4. Let me guess, Burpees

  5. Loved the WOD, thanks Pebbs. My one day in the gym this week. I’ve only done four days this month to date, ah well! A very Happy Thanksgiving holiday to all CFNF alum. I’m out all next week in Philly. I’ll be back in and hitting it hard again Monday November 28th.
    12.15RX on today’s WOD.