DSC_0024This is too cute for words!  Good luck Jacklyn!  She's competing in her first power lifting meet on Saturday!


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Met Con:

Pebble's choice.

Post loads to comments.

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  1. Thanks everyone for your support as I’ve been training. The pointers and the good vibes have already made this a success for me.
    You all are wonderful. CFNF rocks!!! This is something I’ve wanted to do since high school so I’m feeling excited and super nervous.

  2. So excited Jacklyn!!!! You have worked so hard. So proud of you!

  3. As far as the WOD goes….bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha

  4. Good Luck Jacklyn!! I know you’ll do awesome!!
    After the Christmas party tonight, I have a feeling there may be no Met Con.

  5. The “not knowing” is killing me… Argh!?
    Good luck, Jacklyn!! I know you’ll do great!

  6. Jacklyn all the luck in the world. All the hours of hard work you have put in will come to the fore tomorrow. We’re all right behind you!! Go get em.
    See everyone at lunch today. Good night last night, Bruschetta, Carrot Cake and a bottle of red means I’m not sure what to expect today. LOL!

  7. It seems that should be my diet for the future, felt good today and did well. New 5 rep PR on BS (310lbs), new 5 rep max on Shldr Press (165lbs) and then the workout which is kind for a Friday 9.53Rx.
    Thanks to Pebbles for the support at lunch and to Hagler for the memories from last night. LOL!

  8. Jacklyn….so proud of you already… your thing….looking forward to seeing your smile at the gym next week…all the training is done…now it’s time to shine……to everyone who came out last night….i had a great time and glad that we could get together and celebrate …always a good time…..pebbles got some great pics….